I try to make a point of going to Ted Drewes at least once a week. I was there for the annual spring reopening two years in a row, the second customer in line last year and the first this year. Whether or not this is healthy (physically or mentally), if you’ve ever tried Ted Drewes’ custard, you’ll understand.

Here’s why it’s amazing: rich, creamy custard gets its silky smooth texture because of decreased overrun, or the amount of air in the mixture. Unlike ice cream which can have up to 100% overrun, custard has 20% or less, making it unimaginably smooth. Ted Drewes mixes this cold deliciousness up with a multitude of toppings, creating its famous “concretes.”

Seasonal Concretes

The Bunny Crete


Photo by Julie Rub

Starting about two weeks before Easter and lasting until about a week after, the Bunny Crete, named after the Easter Bunny, makes its short show. The Easter Bunny originated amongst German Lutherans as a folkloric rabbit, judging whether children were good or disobedient (kind of like Santa). Good children received colored Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny’s basket.

This concrete contains freshly chopped carrots, golden raisins, cream cheese, cinnamon and pecans. It tastes just like carrot cake, but better because it’s also custard. Tip: be an Easter Bunny for your friends by purchasing Easter Basket stuffers at Ted Drewes. The plastic Easter egg contains a gift certificate for a free small Ted Drewes concrete.

The Great Pumpkin

It’s not basic, it’s brilliant. This is literally a slice of pumpkin pie mixed into vanilla custard and topped with whipped cream. It’s usually only offered in the fall, but this year some pies were left over and frozen, so the Great Pumpkin was offered until about a month after the spring reopening.

The George

This cherry pie concrete honors Presidents’ Day.  It’s offered a few weeks before until about a week after Presidents’ Day, the third Monday of February. Cherry pie is widely regarded as a great American dish, also commonly eaten on Independence Day. Since cherry pie is enjoyed by many with ice cream and whipped cream, it’s the perfect candidate for a Ted Drewes concrete flavor.

Big Apple

Any Ted Drewes regular knows and loves the Big Apple Concrete. What you may not have known is that this concrete used to only be offered in the summer for baseball (the connection between baseball and apple pie likely began when James Hartzell originated Chevrolet’s famous 1975 advertising campaign defining America as “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”). The Big Apple quickly became so popular that it’s now offered all year round. It’s not possible to go wrong with a thick slice of apple pie mashed together with rich and creamy Ted Drewes custard and smothered in whipped cream. Tip: ask to add hazelnuts for some extra texture and nutty flavor.

Sunday in a Baseball Cap

The weather’s heating up, and baseball season is fast approaching. During baseball season, you have the option of getting your favorite Ted Drewes sundae in a baseball-cap-looking plastic bowl.

Ted Drewes Fun Facts:

  • Ted Sr. opened his first store in Florida in 1929
  • The Ted Drewes locations on Natural Bridge and South Grand both opened prior to the Chippewa location that Wash U students know and love
  • The current Chippewa location is on old Route 66
  • There have been many offers to franchise Ted Drewes, but Ted Sr. refuses because franchising can lead to mediocrity
  • Ted Sr. won the St. Louis tennis Muny championships each year from 1926-35
  • Each fall, Ted goes to Nova Scotia to personally select the best Canadian Balsam Fir Christmas Trees to sell at Ted Drewes. Oh yeah, Ted Drewes also sells Christmas Trees.

If you’re curious, here’s where the cold sweet goodness is created:


Photo by Julie Rub

Or just head over to Chippewa Street and taste for yourself. There’s a very good chance I’ll see you there.

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