In the world of farmers market food porn, cauliflower doesn’t stand a chance next to to vibrant red radishes and emerald-hued kale. It’s white, lumpy, and unattractive. It’s the Ron Jeremy of the greenmarket.

But cauliflower is cheap — a head typically runs about $3 and can yield enough florets for two to three meals. It can be cooked whole and presented as an impressive main dish (a non-Tofurkey holiday option for vegetarians), or transformed into endless soups and side dishes. Its initial visual blandness is its greatest strength: Cauliflower is a blank slate, allowing it to slip seamlessly into a variety of cuisines.

So pick up the least sexy crucifer of them all, and make some dinner — here are a few cheap cauliflower recipes to get you started:

Fried Cauliflower Sandwich


Cauliflower Patties


Pasta with Slow-Cooked Cauliflower, Anchovies, and Garlic


Paul Bertolli’s Cauliflower Soup


Warm Vegetable Curry


Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice with Smoky Red Pepper Sauce


Rustic Cauliflower Bake

Thanks to our friends at Food52 for contributing this guest post!