There's no denying that some good cooking can cure almost anything. But that leads to one of life's greatest struggles: when you love food but can't cook. Read on to see 10 of the cruelest consequences of not being able to cook.

1. The dining hall has nothing good, and your only other option is a frozen meal. Or... 

You know what you're eating isn't good or good for you, but there's no other choice. Sticking it out and eating the gross food is sadly a necessity.

2. ...a LOT of Ramen.

It's the easiest, cheapest option for instant meals. There are other choices you can make, but nothing can compare to good cooking.

3. You can make approximately two things: cereal and toast.

Everyone knows you can't cook but are somehow still surprised when you burn toast. It never gets better, it really doesn't.

4. Always having to wash the dishes because you can't help make the food.

There's nothing like pruny fingers after a great session of dish washing. If you're lucky, someone will feel bad that you always clean up, and they'll help you out, even though that's not very likely.

5. Never being able to host a dinner for your friends if it involves something other than frozen pizza.

You always try to spice it up by adding more shredded cheese, but frozen pizza never really does it. Here are some better frozen options.

6. Not being able to make anything to bring to a party, so you just bring yourself.

Though the joke never gets old for you, it gets kind of frustrating for your friends who host the party. It's always a little sad for you, too, but you'd never admit that.

7. Running out of your favorite snack is the end of your happiness.

Snacks are your life blood, and when your favorite is gone, there's nothing to do but cry until your next Target run. Trying new snacks is always a risk you can't afford to make, so stocking up on your fave is a must, too. #RIPpizzarolls

8. Spending all your money on fast food.

The excessive amount of money spent is one of the biggest bummers, but it's the only thing that gets you through those end-of-the-semester-dining-hall-blues.

9. Watching kids on cooking shows and crying because they'll always be more talented than you.

You feel a lot of things when kids are better at things than you are, but it really hits home for cooking. After all, aren't kids not supposed to be able to use a stove? That's my excuse for avoiding cooking...

10. Always missing homemade food, but never being able to recreate it.

Food means the most to you, especially when it's lovingly prepared by someone at home. The greatness of this food has definitely cultivated your love for food and your inability to cook. You may get the family recipe, but recreating the meal can never happen because cooking is just a big no. It just makes going home for breaks all the better.

But in the end, not being able to cook is okay. It gives you an excuse to watch an excessive amount of Food Network, and it can't get much better than that. Strap on your goggles and get ready for an adventure.