How often is it that Canada is the only country to get something exclusive? Well, our American neighbors might be a little bit jealous that General Mills has released Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch oatmeal—but only in Canada.

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Kourtney Meldrum

When I heard that this weird but amazing sounding oatmeal was coming to Canada, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stoked. Two of my favourite childhood cereals now in a form that is probably a little bit healthier? Sign me up! 

So I enlisted one of my friends to help me taste test these bad boys and here's what happened:

First off, I was surprised when I opened the box and found that each little pack of instant oatmeal had another small package attached that held the toppings to mix in afterward. The portion sizes are relatively small (they may be marketed towards children) but they make a great snack either way. 

To begin, you pour the oatmeal into a bowl and mix in hot water. Then you let it sit and soak up—just like any other instant oatmeal. Where it differs is the mix-ins.

Lucky Charms Oatmeal: 

Kourtney Meldrum

The oatmeal seems really fun and exciting at first as you pour in those little Lucky Charms marshmallows that we all know and love so much. But when you begin to mix them into the oatmeal, the colours from the marshmallows begin to come off and turn the oatmeal into a strange green-blue color. Not an ideal start. 

The oatmeal had a really strange thick and tacky consistency which didn't make it overly enjoyable. I found this oatmeal incredibly underwhelming which is sad because I was more excited for it.

Andi Endruhn—friend and co-taste tester—said that the Lucky Charms oatmeal was like "plain, green, gummy oatmeal with sometimes a marshmallow." If I were to do it again, I'd probably just eat Dino Eggs instead.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Oatmeal: 

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Kourtney Meldrum

This just sounds delicious right? Honestly what could go wrong with this combo. 

The answer is nothing—this oatmeal is something sent to us in Canada from heaven above. That's saying a lot considering I'm not someone who overly loves oatmeal in any situation.

This package contained the oatmeal plus little round and crunchy balls modeled after the cereal. When mixed in, it gave the perfect consistency of oatmeal with little surprise bits of these crispy cereal balls. 

Endruhn found that this oatmeal tasted a little bit "more traditional with a crunch factor." It's safe to say that with the notes of cinnamon and maple—I'll definitely be snacking on this one again soon.

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Kourtney Meldrum

If you're looking to shake up your breakfast routine or a quick and easy snack, try these out. They'll bring you back to your childhood days (or possibly #adulting days) of living off of these classic sugary cereals.

So next time you visit your grocery store (or take a quick trip to Canada if you don't already live there) pick up a pack of these, you won't regret it.