Shana Tova from Jewlane. After dipping your apples in honey for the New Year, the time has arrived for the only Jewish holiday where the main focus isn't food– no water, snacking, or meals till sundown. Late night binge eaters, munchie fanatics, and drunchies, this is your time to repent. Worship your body like a temple (in temple).

Instead of being mean to your family members (because we know you need a snack and a cup of coffee asap) share this article to make them super hungry.  We have searched high and low, east and west (or just on Instagram) to help you pass the time before sundown and breaking the fast. 

Double-Double from In and Out – Los Angeles 

Our mouths are watering thinking about these juicy burgers. Imagine taking a big bite into these perfectly tender patties. Are you hungry yet?

Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice from Katsuya – Los Angeles

Regular sushi rolls can get so boring– we want this crispy rice roll instead. With every bite comes a satisfying crunch. 

Bagel Plate from Satsuma – New Orleans

There is never a time when we aren't craving a bagel. We would seriously eat anything if it were covered in cream cheese. 

Cookies and Milk from Willa Jean – New Orleans

Willa Jean cookies dunked in milk are a must. The only thing better than these cookies is the famous cookie dough itself. 

Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Pancake Pantry – Nashville

Stacks on stacks on stacks with a mountain of chocolate chips. So fluffy and chocolatey. How good does this look right now? 

Cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes – Nashville

Nothing will satisfy your sweet tooth more than a sugary buttercream frosting cupcake from Gigi's. We could go for all of these right about now. 

Burger from Bread and Butterfly – Atlanta

This isn't your average burger– gruyere and caramelized onions on a buttered brioche bun makes this the ultimate burger. If this doesn't make you cave, then props to you. 

Cappuccino from General Muir – Atlanta

We are experiencing extreme caffeine withdrawal, and the only thing we can concentrate on is this cappuccino's beauty. Seriously, look at that froth. 

Hungry yet? The fast is starting to hit us hard. Keep scrolling if you dare. We can hear your stomach grumbling through the screen.

Noodles from Wok to Wok – New York City

Chinese food always hits the spot. This messy, salty and sweet dish is calling your name. Can you resist it?

Mozzarella Sticks from Smorgasburg – Brooklyn 

Currently day-dreaming about these mozzarella sticks. Hot and crispy mozzarella dipped in marinara– what could be better?

Mac and Cheese from The Smith – New York City

Looking at this mac and cheese is torture. So gooey and cheesy on the inside with a crunchy top layer. Whoa, this sounds good. 

Ice Cream from The Ice Cream Stand – Syracuse

Don't deny it– we know you want this double scoop of ice cream topped with a torched marshmallow. This ice cream is fire...literally. 

BBQ from Franklins – Texas

Smokey, tangy, and sweet flavors come together in this heavenly barbecue plate. This southern meal has got our tastebuds tingling, how about yours?

Cheese Steak from Pat's – Philadelphia 

Is it a sin to crave meat with cheese on Yom Kippur? We can't help ourselves but to think about sinking our teeth into this flavor-packed sandwich. 

Glazed Donut from Stan's – Chicago 

Donut trick yourself into thinking you don't want this vanilla bean glazed, old fashioned donut. We know you want that cake cake cake. 

French Toast from Kanela – Chicago

This crunchy French toast is made with we can eat it, right? Oh, we guess not. Here's a toast to you if you haven't broken your fast yet.

Alright, now we're craving a bagel...and a burger, and a cappuccino, and French toast. If you caved, we don't blame you– food shouldn't look this good. To those who didn't, the day is almost over, the sun is almost down, and food will be in your tummies before you know it. Good luck not breaking the fast and a happy 5778 to all.