The end of August has always meant that retail companies start serving up the fall vibes we need.  

Eileen Laverty

Yes, hello to the season that brings us freshly fallen leaves, sweaters, and of course, iconic fall treats.

While Pumpkin Spice has always been the big contender in the retail market when it comes to “Fall Food Flavors”, that’s not the only fall flavor, and Oreos knows it.

The well-known cookie company has been serving up a variety of new, zany flavors this year, from delectable Java Chip to cloyingly sweet Brookie. And just in time for fall, they’ve released two new ones, as well: Salted Caramel Brownie, and Apple Cider Donuts.

While they both sound amazing, the spotlight is really on the Donuts flavor.

For one thing, it's not playing the safe route: the aforementioned Pumpkin Spice. But it’s also weird and out there enough to surely attract consumers raring to go for the fall season.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pack of the Apple Cider Donuts flavor, and here are my thoughts.


Upon examination, it looks like just another Golden Oreo with the pale cookie, but the cream is a noticeably darker shade. According to Oreo, this is where the apple cider flavor is located.

When you first bite into it, it just tastes like a regular Golden Oreo at first, but then the taste hits you. 

And oh my gosh, it tastes just like the donuts that only make an appearance in the fall.

Imagine: You’re at a farm stand, the smell of freshly made apple cider donuts drifting through the air. You finally get your hands on one and immediately sink your teeth into that warm, fluffy goodness.

That’s exactly what this Oreo tastes like. In my opinion, Oreo got this flavor down to the T.

One big thing that I liked about these Oreos, aside from the taste, was that they didn't try and force an unnecessary, unappetizing flavor on something that didn't need it. 

With company Nonshim debuting a limited-edition pumpkin spice cup noodle, my biggest worry was that Oreo would too follow this retail path. But to my pleasant surprise, they didn't. 

Oreo has been no stranger to failed flavors in the past, so their choices this fall have been a testament to the phrase, "you win some, you lose some." 

It looks like a foray to the grocery store to buy another pack may be in my future, and if you’re planning on making a trip, too, keep an eye out for these. They’re well worth your money.