Any lactose-tolerant UVA student has most certainly had a run-in or two with Arch’s Frozen Yogurt. The cozy little shop is nestled on 14th Street behind Boylan and Café Caturra.

Since Arch’s made the (slightly controversial) decision a few years ago to go self-serve, it has become one of the best places for observing every fro-yo technique under the moon. Because hey, what else do we do while eating our tasty treats besides judge other people’s?

Take this quiz and see if we can pinpoint your personality based on how you pile it high (or not).

  1. You walk into the beautiful, sugary mecca that is Arch's -- what's the game plan?

  2. To Gooey Brownie or not to Gooey Brownie?

  3. What's your stance on fruit toppings?

  4. Moment of truth -- does the price make you want to faint?