Our favorite foods can tell us a lot about ourselves. Different personality types have different favorite foods, so it’s easy to determine what someone’s favorite food is. Can we figure out what your favorite food is based on this quick 8 question quiz? The answer is yes. Um, or maybe. Let’s find out.

  1. How would you spend your Saturday night

  2. What is your favorite restaurant chain?

  3. What city would you live in?

  4. What is your favorite music genre?

  5. What is your major?

  6. What is your favorite book?

  7. What is your favorite drink?

  8. What is your favorite TV show?

If your favorite food was steak, find out the best beer for each meal, learn how to make a fancy steak dinner in your kitchen for $10 or less, and read the steak bible.

If your favorite food was sushi, learn how to make deconstructed sushi in a mason jar, a healthy DIY sushi burrito hybrid in less than 15 Minutes, and see if you can relate to these 10 things only real sushi lovers will understand.

If your favorite food was pizza find out why homemade pizza is way better than delivery, discover 12 pizza facts that every college student should know, and make a goat cheese & arugula pesto pizza.

If your favorite food was chocolate, make a 5-minute chocolate mug cake, a two-ingredient chocolate mousse, and figure out all the things you can do with a chocolate chip cookie.

If your favorite food was tacos, make a 4 ingredient taco dip, track down the best taco trucks in LA, and find your role model (a student who ate everything on the Taco Bell menu).

If your favorite food was waffles, make these chocolate strawberry waffles, some lazy gourmet waffles, or just make the only waffle recipe you’ll ever need.

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