Assignment submissions, studying for upcoming semester exams, wishing to pass the internals. Welcome to the life of any DU student during this time of the year. In these super stressful days, what one needs is a break from the chaos to get into some recreational activities or just to explore.

Markitiers, an organisation that provides marketing and management solutions, understands our pain and has come up with this event named Campus Xplore, which is a culmination of photo, food, and an exploration walk in our very own North Campus. It is co-hosted by My Travel Diary Blog and Delhi Karavan.

The whole idea behind this event, which is happening on 30th September, is to explore the campus, meet like-minded people and enjoy the two most lovable parts of campus life: food and photography. They’ll also be having an amazing speaker line up for the day.

Photo courtesy of Markitiers

The event includes a photowalk in and around the north campus. This walk will include special guidance by My Travel Diary Blog to give the attendees a first-hand experience and help them enhance their skills while snapping shots during the walk. For all the foodie students out there, this event also involves a FoodWalk in Kamla Nagar, which will include going to the best local spots to indulge in some distinct foodie delight. Thus, helping to explore some local and affordable eating options.

As students who have been in the North Campus for two years now, we are super pumped that we finally have an opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the foodie side of the campus. 

Photo courtesy of Markitiers

Another interesting part of Campus Xplore includes finding the ‘Heroes of Campus.’ A Campus Hero can be anyone from a peon to a chai-wala, anybody who makes college a better place for all of us and our life there all the more exciting. You can send your entries for the same to them.

We are definitely going to attend this event, and if you love this campus as much as we do, join Campus Xplore to take trails covering food, people, places, and more.

You can register for the event here