In case you haven’t heard, a new coffee shop opened up this spring next to the Seminary Co-op, and it raises the bar for coffee shops across campus. This coffee shop is known as Plein Air, and it is a French atelier-inspired cafe and eatery.

The question, however, is whether or not you will convert from the coffee shop you already frequent, and my guess is probably not. You know what I’m talking about. With seven coffee shops just on the Main Quad alone, UChicago possesses a vibrant coffee culture. The students tend to visit their coffee shops of choice ritualistically, yet is the most convenient one also your perfect match? Take this quiz to find out:

  1. Pick a major:

  2. How do you get your current events?

  3. How do you like your coffee?

  4. How do you like your french fries?

  5. Choose a Chicago neighborhood:

  6. Choose a Disney Villain:

  7. Pick a treat to go with your coffee:

  8. What's your first thought when you get up in the morning?