There’s nothing worse than coming together for Thanksgiving, only to see a sea of dishes spread across the table that all look unappetizing. If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a misstep here or there when making a dish to bring to Thanksgiving. Fear not this year, because Campbell’s is here to make sure your Thanksgiving is a success. Introducing Campbells No-Fail Side Dish Recipes and Dinner Insurance.


With four recipes that are so delicious and so simple to make, people will swear that your sides are store-bought. You can make iconic sides like Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole, Pepperidge Farm Savory Stuffing, and Pepperidge Farm Baked Brie all without fail.

Campbell’s is so sure that you won’t fail when making their No-Fail Sides, that they are offering Dinner Insurance. Manhattan residences can purchase Campbell’s products for Thanksgiving prep this year through Instacart. Should your sides go awry, simply submit a claim by uploading the failed pic and receive a gourmet replacement dish delivered to your door, courtesy of local Campbell’s ghost kitchens, as part of the Dinner Insurance pilot program. This year, you’ve got Thanksgiving under control, thanks to Campbell’s.