Are you a fan of “Hot Ones” and all things spice? Are you looking for a new challenge to test your heat tolerance? Then you may want to check out exclusive release: Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup. 

Packed with peppers, vegetables, and chicken, the new addition to the Campbell’s Chunky soup family is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s 13 times spicier than Campbell’s Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup, according to the trusted Scoville scale. When it comes to having a kick, Campbell’s is not messing around.

A sample can and complementary “cool-off kit” complete with a towel, sweatband, tissues, and a fan will be available to the first 500 adventurous eaters willing to sign a “waiver” and risk a spoonful. If you think you can handle the wrath of the world’s once-spiciest pepper head to for a chance to receive the special offer at 1pm EST on January 27. Though Campbell’s claims the non-binding waiver is “just for fun,” curious soup lovers should consider their taste buds before submitting their bid.

For those unable to snag a limited edition can, widely-available spicy favorites with less painful consequences include Spicy Chicken Noodle, Spicy Steak and Potato, Spicy Sirloin Burger, and Spicy Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

A flushed face, runny nose, and a need for a glass of milk aren’t everyone’s definition of a good time, so don’t be embarrassed if burning peppers aren’t your thing. There’s nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying a classic can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup.