The 2016 election is around the corner, and it's extremely important you get out there and vote. Considering all the recent events that are circulating about the campaigns, it's hard for someone not to have a bad taste in the their mouth about the candidates.

It got me thinking, "If these candidates were food, what kind of food would they be?" Then it came to me: campaign trail mix. Below are a list of common trail mix items that not only represent our candidates, but also taste good and are relatively healthy. 

Donald Trump

Everyone knows how nuts Donald Trump is, so of course his trail mix would consist of all different kind of nuts. Red M&M's represent the color of the party Donald is in, but was clearly not invited to. Dried apricots are here to represent his odd skin color that seems to change week to week. I'd throw some raisins in there just because he's as old and wrinkly as one. 

Hillary Clinton

Yogurt covered raisins, covered up emails; what's the difference? Also like Donald, the blue M&M's support Hillary's allegiance to the Dems. Both pumpkin seeds and pistachios are representative of Hill's love of the environment and loathe of GMO's. The Brazilian nuts are not only a foreign-but-yummy nut, but they also show HRC's support of issues in immigration like the Syrian Refuge Crisis and how to properly handle the U.S. borders.

The random snack in this mix is chocolate-covered espresso beans; but if you had pneumonia and were constantly criticized for your lack of stamina, wouldn't you need an energy boost? 

Gary Johnson

USA! USA! Johnson's trail mix is all about the red, white, and blue (M&M's). Presenting a side that is socially liberal and economically conservative, you get a taste of both Democrat and Republican views in this candidate.

To show his flexibility in views, sweet and chewy dates make the list in his trail mix. Roasted peanuts, typically fried in oil, show Johnson's support of off-shore oil drilling in America (one of his more conservative views), while dried kiwi shows his support in the legalization of marijuana.

Jill Stein

Show me the green! All I see is green when I look at Ms. Stein, the Green Party candidate, giving her green M&M's of course. Her love of the environment is clear, which is why pistachios and pumpkin seeds are heavy in this mix. She, like Clinton, hates GMO's, and is a fan of immigration reform, hence our Brazilian nut friends making a comeback in this treat.

Like Johnson, she is for the legalization of marijuana. Did I mention all this green supports money too? With Stein, you could see an increase in that minimum-wage wallet of yours.

Some items, like espresso beans and dried kiwi, may not make sense together taste-wise, but definitely make sense when it comes to describing our presidential candidates. Whichever trail mix you like best, just remember to exercise America's democracy and vote this election day.