When thinking about milk alternatives, many things come to mind – soy, almond, coconut, flax, rice, and even hemp. Camels, though, however cool and beautifully lumpy, never came to mind, until I was recommended an article on camel milk from a (fantastic) friend. Intrigued, I am here to share the facts. 

Health Benefits

Camel's milk is not only a viable alternative for the lactose intolerant but may have more benefits than cow's milk. With a lower percentage of fat, which is prime for the health conscious, it also contains cancer-fighting antioxidants, antiviral and, antibacterial properties, and is believed to help fight diabetes. 

Albeit expensive, camel milk has been described to taste much like cow milk, but richer and saltier. It also has three times the amount of Vitamin C compared to cow's milk. Although one-ingredient diets are normally not recommended, studies have shown that with camel milk as the sole ingredient of one's diet, there is no decline in health.

It Ain't New

 Camel milk is not yet mainstream in North America but has always been popular in the Middle East and South Asia. For millennia camels have been used for travel, admired by their hardiness in the harsh heat (the hotter twin, get it?) and minimal need for water, and of course, their milk. Camel milk is believed by many to help the immune system and is often used as medicine. 

So where can I get some?

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Sophie Wu

Dubbed the next superfood, it is currently being sold online and some store locations in the US. Desert Farms, an online seller of camel milk, also sells camel milk kefir, milk powder, and even camel milk soap. It is also being sold at Aadvik Foods, Camel Charisma, and the National Research Centre on Camel, which are all situated in South Asia.

Hopefully, camel milk will become more mainstream in North America, so I can add it to my Starbucks order – a Grande, half-sweetened, no whip cinnamon dolce latte with camel milk, please. 

Jokes aside, I am intrigued to perhaps being able to experience camel milk and all its benefits, whether as a lactose-sensitive person or as a skin product.