Nitro cold brew is cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen. Cold brewing captures many flavor components that “hot brewing” doesn’t, and results in a far less acidic taste. In addition, nitro brew infuses millions of tiny, smooth bubbles into the coffee, making it slightly sweet and giving it a creamy texture. Its rich taste and smooth mouth feel really takes cold brew to a whole new level.

Starbucks and Stumptown respectively introduced their versions of nitro cold brew. Both come in black, with Starbucks' version served on tap and Stumptown's in a can. I enjoyed them both, but I have always been a latte drinker.

When I had my first taste of Califia Farms' vegan nitro cold brew, I knew that I had found a new favorite.

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Weichen Yan

These come in a stylish and recyclable matt aluminum bottle reminiscent of a beer bottle, and three delicious flavors: latte, mocha and New Orleans. They contain a creamy blend of almond and macadamia nut milks.

My personal favorite is the latte. It is rich, creamy and super smooth. I find nut milks mix especially well with cold brew coffee. In addition, Califia Farms uses a proprietary brewing technique that results in more water exposure to the coffee grounds, thereby better capturing the great-tasting coffee compounds and leaving behind the less desirable compounds. Because there’s less air exposure, the brew also stays fresher for longer. 

Weichen Yan

The New Orleans style brew is very unique. It is inspired by a coffee blend started in New Orleans, when during World War II, the residents experienced a coffee shortage and added roast chicory to extend limited coffee supply. Califia Farms uses chicory imported from India, which adds a nutty, cedar-y, and spicy flavor to the brew.

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Weichen Yan

I love this brew. Not only is it tasty, the sleek bottle also makes it perfect for any celebratory occasions. So, grab a bottle, gently tilt it up, pop the cap with a bottle opener, pour vigorously into a glass, and enjoy.

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