It's the dreaded question before a night of going out with friends, "Well, what are we going to drink?" 

Usually, there is a mixture of ideas ranging from vodka to tequila to whiskey, but what if we could somehow have them all?

BuzzBox has solved our alcohol dilemma and done it in style. These sleek, shiny boxes contain premium cocktails made with top-notch booze and 100% juice. With no preservatives or artificial flavors, it is hard to believe there are eight different flavors to try.   Not only are these babies saving us from plastic cups and tables covered in sticky chaser spills, but they are also saving us from the sugar headaches and hangovers.

Plus, the portion size in the seemingly small boxes is more than you'd get at a bar in a cocktail glass- score

But do they actually taste good? Lucky us, they taste amazing, and here are a few of our favorites. 

Cuban Mojito

Anna Roccucci

Claim to be a Cuban Mojito connoisseur? You will be pleasantly surprised.

This little baby is my personal favorite as it is packed with refreshing flavor. The natural mint tastes freshly muddled, straight from the bartender, which makes sense since each box is handcrafted

Classic Greyhound

Anna Roccucci

If you're a fan of grapefruit, you are set. The Classic Greyhound is fruity and bright, and the citrus from the grapefruit pairs perfectly with the premium vodka. 

Classic Cosmo

Anna Roccucci

We. Are. Obsessed. The Classic Cosmo is the ideal choice for something sweeter. The mindful mixture of natural fruit juices shine through this cocktail, and with summer just around the corner, it is the perfect, sippable companion. 

Whiskey Lemonade

Anna Roccucci

Who would have ever thought to put blood orange juice in their Whiskey Lemonade? Well, BuzzBox did, and we are ever so grateful. Whiskey lovers rejoice as this dark liquor box is just as good as the rest. If it's the dark side you choose, this box is just right.

Long Island

Anna Roccucci

For that adventurous friend who always picks the drinks with the most alc- I mean variety, the Long Island tastes just how you would imagine (well, probably better).

As for the other three flavors, someone is always down for tequila, which is why the Perfect Margarita was snatched up and gulped down before a proper picture could be taken. Tropical fans have their choice of the Coconut box with fresh coconut and premium vodka, and those who lay their trust in a Bloody Mary have their own box too.

The beautiful part of BuzzBox is, everybody wins. With each box containing 12% alcohol, you will really feel like a winner, and shake it baby