Butter makes everything better, right? It can be used to make most dishes taste rich and flavorful—even coffee. The newest craze seems unlikely, but hey, maybe Japan is on to something.

A restaurant in Osaka, Japan is now serving a new topping on their sushibutter. Yes, that’s correct. A nice slab of butter. In a country where Western influence is not welcomed with open arms, this new trend is making quite a splash in their culinary universe.

The sushi, which consists of rice and unagi (grilled saltwater eel), is topped with about a tablespoon portion of butter. This phenomenon is taking the Japanese sushi-eating world by storm.


Photo courtesy of foodbeast.com

The idea may seem a little crazy but think about it. Fish is often sauteed in butter or oil in order to enhance its flavor. Maybe butter sushi isn’t such a bad idea after all. The butter topping is said to make a “melt in your mouth experience.” Don’t be surprised if it starts appearing on sushi menus near you.

Will you be brave enough to ask for this new topping next time you’re looking for a roll?


Gif courtesy of giphy.com