We’ve all been there — its 2 am, bars are closing, and hunger inevitably strikes. Thankfully for UVa students, there is an abundance of late-night food options nearby on the Corner — burritos, pizza, you name it.

ALSO thankfully for UVa students, there is an abundance of fitness studios in Charlottesville to help you burn off what you late-night munched on if you wake up feeling less than okay. We’ve taken the liberty to lay out popular student drunchies and the Cville-based exercise options you can conquer after your hangover resides.



Photo courtesy of @qdoba on Instagram

Chicken Burrito with Toppings: 1175 calories

Warm, cheesy, tortilla-wrapped goodness… all you can ask for after a night on the town. While this Qdoba burrito may satisfy all your late-night needs, it can set you back as many as 1175 calories if you include cheese, queso, sour cream and other toppings.

Have no fear. Two back-to-back spin classes at Cville studios such as Edge, Zoom and Purvelo will torch those calories and whip you into shape. These high-energy classes burn as many as 500 calories for each 45 minute class. Sweat out that salsa in no time.

Christian’s Pizza


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1 slice: 441 calories

The line at Christian’s Pizza, one of the most popular Corner haunts, grows longer as the night gets later. Who can blame students for trying to get their hands on a slice of pepperoni, tortellini, or even barbecue pizza?

Eat to your hearts content. A slice of the famed feta and avocado pizza clocks in at 441 calories. This is equivalent to the calories burned in just 1 b:core class — roughly 450 calories an hour. This innovative local fitness studio combines barre, cardio and core work in a variety of classes to maximize your workout.

The White Spot


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Gus Burger: 650 calories

The Gus Burger is a thing of legends around UVa grounds, and it lives up to its reputation. It is one of the most serious late-night eats out there, and if you befriend the guys behind the counter, they may even let you make it yourself (maybe with a little help).

Nothing ends a night out at the Corner bars like a Gus Burger from The White Spot. If you feel as if you have over-indulged, there are a few great local activity options to help move the alcohol out of your system and get your metabolism kicking.

One low-impact idea is to walk up the Saunders-Monticello trail. This beautiful walk cuts through a thickly wooded area and ends at Monticello. The path is slightly uphill, so if you walk at a moderate pace up and down the trail, you can burn between 450-600 calories. Bye bye, burger.

College Inn 


Photo by Sarah McDonald

5 pieces of cheesy bread: 604 calories

Nothing beats picking up a College Inn cheesy bread on your long walk home. Though the ranch vs. marinara debate has caused much controversy over the years, Cville locals can agree that there is nothing quite as addictive and satisfying as cheesy bread at any time of the day.

#SpoonTip: Order extra feta on your cheesy bread… trust us. The added kick is worth the small extra fee. Fair warning, though — regular cheesy bread will never be the same.

If you split a medium CB with a fellow late-night eater, you are looking at about 600 calories, with 120 extra added on for two tablespoons of ranch and 60 for marinara. While this may seem like a lot, two hour-long hot yoga classes will rid your body of those calories (most hot yoga classes burn 300-400 calories based on activity level).


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There are plenty of local Charlottesville hot yoga studios, such as Mosaic Yoga, Hot Yoga Charlottesville and Fly Dog, so it wouldn’t be hard to double up and torch those calories. And sweat out the weekend’s bad decisions.

The age-old question still stands: do the calories count if you don’t remember them? We hope not, but if they do, there are plenty of exercise options unique to Charlottesville that can help you burn off those cheesy, cheesy drunchies.