New York's a place that's often portrayed as a magical mysterious land full of glittery unicorns and opportunities when in reality, it's a dirty, overcrowded city with a broken transit system that's full of tourists that stand in the most inconvenient places taking pics of absolutely nothing while simultaneously falling for the absurdity of tourist traps, all while failing to realize that the city's food scene is to-die-for.

If you come close enough to your screen, I'll let you in on a little New York gem of a secret known as Buns Bar.

What's Buns Bar?

Buns Bar is a burger bar that's located on 19th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue. While they do have healthy people foods such as a selection of different salads and avocado toast, you're not necessarily there to be a healthy hipster.

What you are there for is to eat some food because you're probably hangry. A milkshake along with some of their dope fries, burgers, and chicken parm sliders are you're best bet and you'll want to eat it like a boss. If grabbing drinks is a thing that you do, they also have different beers, shots, wines, and cocktails for you to choose from.

What's your go-to order?

Hands down, the chicken parm sliders are my choice order. They're beautiful and made to perfection. They're warm enough to consume, but they won't burn your tongue. The smooth texture of the mozzarella cheese pairs well with the texture of the crispy chicken and with the tomato sauce. The fries are also spot on, in addition to their 'Killa Vanilla' milkshake.

While their main niche is indeed burgers, that doesn't necessarily mean that you only have to get burgers at a burger place. If that were true, then burgers and burgers  would be the only thing served.

Why should anyone care?

You, the consumer should care about Buns Bar for an array of reasons. A key selling point that requires you to give a singular damn is the fact that the food is good and isn't a ripoff. Another reason is that the service is prompt, which is pretty endearing for New York.

You, the consumer should also care because usually, you're not going to have to wait on an absurd line to get in, seated, and served your food; ultimately, the last part is the most important part, but maybe that's just my own opinion. 

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm very sure. Thank me later once you're done consuming their refreshing milkshakes with the cozy, modern interior design of the bar itself. By the way, the milkshakes are completely Instagrammable, so snap some pics while you're at it.

While Buns Bar is indeed a newer place in New York, that doesn't mean that its beauty hasn't been shining brightly amongst the New York food scene. The lines at Chelsea Market and at Gansevoort Market might be too insane for your liking, and you're going to need some food, which is where Buns Bar comes into play.