I studied abroad in Greece my first semester of college. It was not my first trip to Europe, but the semester was my first time in Greece or Eastern Europe. Studying in Thessaloniki, Greece, I was just under a four drive from the capital of Bulgaria, so I needed to take a trip to try Bulgarian food. Thus, the weekend before review week for finals, my friends and I decided to take a quick trip to the capital of Bulgaria: Sofia. We stayed in an Airbnb that ran the three of us about 50 euros a night, or 17 euros a person, a steal. Our airbnb was in the city centre and had more than enough space!

When we arrived, my group and I had no idea what to expect. However, after a quick dinner a local restaurant down the street; we went to bed early ready for a day of adventure. 

We got up early to take pictures in front of the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in one of the several squares. We went inside and saw the beautiful cathedral, but after we went and had the most delicious food experience. 

Georgia Thomas


This food experience is known as мекица. It is a classic Bulgarian dish is a yogurt based bread usually served with feta cheese and homemade jam. It is a sweet yet tangy bread with a texture I can only describe as something similar to Indian naan. It is a little chewier and denser than a traditional naan, making the dish uniquely its' own. A substitute for its' mouthwatering glory, I have not found replicated anywhere in Boston. 

Georgia Thomas

My friends and I split it among us and almost ordered more. After talking to the wonderful staff at the Rainbow Factory, where the above photo was taken, we learned this classic dish is found in many places across the country. After one bite, I knew I had to try it again...

Georgia Thomas
Georgia Thomas

....and so I did. We went to Sofia's annual Christmas market where again I enjoyed this Bulgarian wonder food. Knowing we would only be here for a day, I needed to have it at least one more time before I left beautiful Sofia. The second time, the bread was slightly crispier with jam and feta at the kiosk in the Christmas market. It was still just as good the second time. 

Some Pro Tips: 

1. Bulgaria gets cold in winter, so while it stunning and has an amazing, small Christmas market, wear a coat!

2. Take the "Free Sofia Tour." They do it everyday of the year, even Christmas, and regardless of the weather (https://freesofiatour.com/). They are cancelled due to Coronavirus at the moment, but as soon as travel is safe again, they will reopen!

3. Do not take a taxi unless you understand some basic Bulgarian. Many taxis overcharge, and you can walk almost anywhere in the city. This article from Free Tours by Sofia gives you all the tips regarding taxi travel: https://freesofiatour.com/blog/taking-taxi-sofia/

4. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is must a see photo spot in Bulgaria and has some curbs that are perfect for self timer photos. (See below with my friends Ritu [@ritu.sahana] and Chiara). 

Georgia Thomas

If you want the flip side, with a Bulgarian students view on American food instead an American students on Bulgarian food be sure to check it out here.