I never thought I'd want my chicken wings to be dusted in gold, but I guess that's because I didn't even consider it as an option. I know—I need to dream bigger. But starting today, Buffalo Wild Wings is dusting wings (upon request) with gold for the entire month of February.

You might have heard of this event happening right now called the Olympics? Yeah, this sprinkling of gold is to celebrate that. (Go for gold!) There's no extra charge and it can be applied to any flavor of wing sauce; all you have to do is dine-in and ask for the "WingBling."

Unfortunately (more like fortunately), this "gold" is not real. It's just a tasteless gold-colored sugar sprinkle. Think of it less as a totally unnecessary ploy to get millennials back into B-dubs, and more like an Instagram-opportunity. Wait, pretty sure those are the same thing. Whatevs. Support Team USA!

I highly recommend the classic Buffalo or the Parmesan Garlic sauces. Then, be your best bad and bougie self and go for the golden #WingBling.