Last month, Buffalo Wild Wings dusted chicken wings in gold glitter for the Olympics. The gold didn't taste like much of anything, though—it was just for the ~aesthetic~. Now, this month, they're releasing new flavor combos that will actually blow your taste buds, called B-Dubs Hackables.

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

People have been hacking the B-Dubs menu for a while, so now the chain is hacking themselves. They're combining sauces to make three new wing flavor combos called: Vampire Slayer, Dirty Bird, and El Loco.

Vampire Slayer / Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Vampire Slayer wings are tossed in Spicy Garlic sauced and drizzled with Parmesan Garlic.

Dirty Bird / Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Dirty Bird wings are coasted in Teriyaki sauce and topped with Cajun seasoning.

El Loco / Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

And finally, what I'm sure is going to be my new fave order, is the El Loco wings. They're tossed with Chipotle BBQ dry seasoning, then smothered in melty, creamy queso, and topped with shredded lettuce, pico del gallo, and sliced jalapenos. They're basically like nacho-style wings. 

Apparently it's National Sauce Month, so these combos come as a celebration of that. Personally, I think we should celebrate sauce all the time, because it makes everything infinitely better, but hey, count me in. Buffalo Wild Wings is also hosting a competition for their employees nationwide, asking them to create the next best flavor mashup, which will appear in the restaurant in the coming months. But if you're not an employee, don't fret. You can still mix up your own flavor hack. All you have to do is ask.