When I went away to college, I wanted nothing more than to put Buffalo, NY behind me. Now that I've been living in Westchester for three years, I've really grown to appreciate the food back home. Nothing compares to a good slice of Buffalo cheese pizza or a bite of mouth-watering sponge candy.

1. Ted's Hot Dogs

Since 1927, charcoal broiled hot dogs have graced western New York. A Buffalo favorite, these dogs have just the right amount of crisp to them that makes you unable to eat a different type of hot dog for at least a week.

Perfect for the after-workout binge, Ted's Hot Dogs offers home-made french fries and the buffalo classic drink, Loganberry. A cool part about Ted's is you can watch them grill your dog for you and can control how crispy you really want it to be. Plus, a foot long dog is only four bucks (take that Nathan's).

2. Lloyd Taco Truck

This business was so popular, this past year they were able to open up a restaurant location called the Taco Factory. Their neon green food truck can be spotted from across a pond and has the ability to make your stomach growl and your mouth water.

Lloyd Taco Truck specializes in street style tacos made from locally sourced ingredients. Side dishes range from nachos with pickled red onions to corn and bean salad. Lloyd's is perfect for your food on-the-go needs and who doesn't love a good taco?

3. Franco's Pizza

New York City may claim to have the best pizza but that's only something only someone who's never tried a classic slice of Buffalo pizza would say.

Franco's Pizza has some of the best thick crust pizza you can get—thicker than NYC but not deep dish like Chicago, Buffalo pizza dough is both dense and soft at the same time. You can hold a slice in your hand without having to bend it in half to eat it.

One medium pizza from Franco's can feed at least five people, easily. Each slice is filling and it'll change the way you view your pizza in the future. 

4. Mighty Taco

Say goodbye to Taco Bell and embrace the holiness that is Mighty Taco. I had never had Taco Bell until this past summer and honestly, I would never need to eat there again if there was a Mighty Taco near me.

Their menu features the classic Mexican fast food like tacos, burritos, and fajitas but also has some items that can only be found there, like a Buffito (real buffalo chicken with lettuce covered in ranch or blue cheese, wrapped up in a tortilla). Mighty Taco is perfect for your lunch breaks, drunken cravings or really any time you're driving past. 

5. Anderson's Frozen Custard

Known for their roast beef sandwiches, Anderson's provides both filling meals and desserts. Their frozen custard cones are the perfect way to end the day. Baseball, softball, soccer and all sports teams alike often make their way to get their cone after their game.

This Buffalo favorite sells frozen custard, hard ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes and arctic swirls (imagine Dairy Queen Blizzards). Their ice cream flavors range from the classic twists to graham cracker crunch. Their curly fries are to die for and you can dunk them in as much ketchup as you'd like (or your ice cream if you're like me). 

6. Watson's Chocolates

Watson's chocolate is so good, every time my cousins visit from Kansas they go back home with a box of Watson's sponge candy. Sponge candy comes in the form of small, squares of candy sponge covered in your choice of milk, orange or dark chocolate that melt in your mouth when you take a bite.

While sponge candy is definitely one of their most popular items, Watson's offers a wide range of desserts, including chocolate-covered popcorn and chocolate melts in the shape of buffaloes. Their candy and chocolate are perfect for holiday presents and gifts for your teachers, or if you just want to treat yourself. 

When most people hear Buffalo, they think about either wings or blizzards but there is so much more than that. If you have the chance to taste some of these local favorites, you'll want to go back again and again.