In order to feed muscles after a workout, it is important to eat within 30 minutes of completing strength training. But what happens when you just had a hardcore gym-sesh and just cannot kick your sweet tooth to the side? That is where Buff Bake comes in. Buff Bake is new on the market, but is slowly becoming the snack of all snacks for body builders across the United States. With 16 grams of protein in each cookie and 11 grams of protein per two tablespoons of nut butter spread, it satisfies the sweet craving while fueling your body. Here's my ranking of nine flavors of Buff Bake. 

9. Frosted Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

There was just way too much going on in this cookie. The strong cinnamon flavor paired with the thick icing was overwhelming. It is also no secret that raisins ruin everything.

8. Birthday Cake Almond Butter

For those true sweet birthday cake lovers, this one's for you. The birthday cake flavor in this one was a bit overpowering, and was reminiscent of the vanilla icing with vanilla cake combination. 

7. Peanut Butter White Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Lena Moriarty

The peanut butter is needed to give these cookies their protein punch, but that flavor combined with the white chocolate just didn't do it for me. The two flavors competed in your mouth for who would win. The big takeaway is the #chunkporn found in each and every cookie.

6. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

This flavor was good. It had the classic combo of chocolate and peanut butter, which never disappoints.

5. White Chocolate Peanut Butter

Yum. Sweet, salty, satisfying. I would definitely eat it again.

4. Snickerdoodle Almond Butter

This tasted like eating a cookie. The cinnamon flavor of a snickerdoodle was really present, and sweet enough that you would have no idea that this is good for you. 

3. Rocky Road Peanut Butter

Marshmallow chunks galore, this peanut butter was everything after a good workout. Smear this on a rice cake, or just eat it by the spoonful.

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

A classic; the flavors of peanut butter and chocolate will always be a match made in Heaven. This cookie satisfied by sweet tooth in no time. I could eat these everyday.

1. Red Velvet Peanut Butter

Lena Moriarty

With a deep chocolate flavor accompanying the inviting red color that is reminiscent of your grandma's homemade red velvet cake, this flavor blew the rest of them out of the water. I would eat this with anything: rice cakes, oatmeal, apples, even just straight up! This was the perfect sweet treat to satisfy my sweet tooth and fulfill my post workout protein craving.

Overall, Buff Bake products are packed with protein and a bunch of other good stuff like chia seeds and flax seeds. Their products come in handy packaging, perfect for an on the go post workout snack. And with 11-16 grams of protein in each product, they are guaranteed to keep you fueled up and ready to take on your day.