Living on your own can be fun and exciting but also difficult on your wallet, especially when it comes to buying groceries. Many of us do not realize how much food actually is and if you are getting a good deal or wasting money. Instead of eating Ramen everyday, check out these six grocery stores where you can stretch your dollar, eat well and keep your wallet healthy.

1. Aldi

Aldi's is gaining more and more popularity. The Albrecht family opened their first Aldi's in the 1960s and has been growing ever since. They actually own Trader Joe's as well, and have many great quality products.

While Aldi's may not have everything on your shopping list, they offer savings on eggs, milk, cheese, frozen veggies, baking products and gluten-free products. They even bring in name-brand products as specials at a lower price. 

#SpoonTip: Make sure you bring a quarter for a shopping cart & reusable grocery bags as they charge $0.10 per bag!

2. Wegman's 

Wegman's is literally the grocery stores of all grocery stores. It's classy, chic, and is not crazy expensive. They have everything, literally. From their delicious bakery to their even more delicious subs, Wegman's is another home to me. They have the freshest produce at reasonable prices. When shopping at Wegman's, go for their brand of products—it is just as good if not better than name brands and is very affordable. 

3. Market Basket

Market Basket is a great place to get name brands for lower prices. A smaller chain, but is well-known to locals, Market Basket is college-budget friendly. If you are looking to eat healthier, Market Basket also has a great number of coupons to save even more on healthy products.

4. Stop & Shop

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I know what you are thinking, how is Stop & Shop college-budget friendly? Well, it depends what you are getting. Stop & Shop is great for fresh meat. If you have a Stop & Shop card, not only do you get gas points, you also get great savings on products you use the most. It's great for canned products, produce, fresh meat & pasta, etc. Shopping smart and saving money at Stop & Shop is definitely doable. 

5. PriceRite

For those of you who love ShopRite as much as I do, PriceRite is a great place to go. Same owners, slightly different stores but still have great products. While PriceRite does not run weekly circulars like ShopRite, it does have great deals on name-brands, local brands such as Autocraft and store brands. PriceRite is great for cooking needs, paper goods, dairy and snacks.

6. Dave's Marketplace 

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Dave's Marketplace is a local RI chain grocery store in operation since the late 1960s. They offer many different local Rhody brands such as coffee milk ice cream, Granny Squibb's Ice Tea, Narragansett Creamery Yogurt, & Rhody Fresh milk.

Dave's also has many name-brand products as well for low prices. Their extensive seafood section is hard to beat as well as their dessert selection. Look for their weekly specials to get savings on products you love the most. 

While buying your own groceries can seem daunting and hard, the key is to shop smart and look to maximize your savings. With a little planning, you can eat well without hurting your wallet.