As a student, you may not particularly find interest in the majority of campus events and the multiple opportunities to stay “involved” in university. That’s fine. No need to paint pumpkins or go on a scavenger hunt when you could be taking a much needed nap. However, this year’s Harvest Dinner at CIW was probably one of the easiest choices you could have made to help save the planet and feed your rumbling tummy.

harvest dinner

Photo by Marci Green

On Thursday, October 23rd, Binghamton Acres Farm (BU’s very own student-run farm) provided fresh produce for all the food served for dinner in CIW’s dining hall. BU Acres is a student-run farm located on a plot of land by Bunn Hill Road where students cultivate their own crops without pesticides, fertilize their own compost, and harvest the crops. Local farmers were also at the event to educate the diners about locally produced food and organic farming.This is the 2nd annual harvest dinner and BU Acres has made a lot of progress since they started in February last year by student Jillian Shotwell.

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