Powered by OrderUp.com, BtownMenus is a local delivery service that has been bringing food to famished Bloomington masses since 2005. They have quickly become the #1 service in town, delivering for more than 60 local restaurants and competing with national ordering services like Campus Menus and Mr. Delivery.

Courtesy of BtownMenus

How to browse BtownMenus like a pro:

1. Eat Cheap Week – often during midterms and finals each semester, BtownMenus features local restaurants who give amazing deals to stressed out students to help make life a little easier.
2. Booze – click the alcohol tab and see which restaurants let you order spirits with your meal. Better yet, head on over here for all your liquor delivery needs.
3. BtownMenus’ Instagram – they will occasionally put deals on their Instagram that they do not post on the site. Promo code gold!

Courtesy of BtownMenus

4. Featured restaurants – this tab allows you to see which restaurants are offering discounts and how to get them.
5. Campus Access – click on this tab to see which restaurants in town accept the balance on your Campus Access card. Thanks, mom and dad.
6. OrderUp App – download the app and input your information to get food delivered to you no matter where you are. Hello delivery to Wells.

BtownMenus is always very philanthropic, and from now until Sunday, December 14, you can donate a canned goods or dry food when your driver delivers your food. All proceeds will be donated to Hoosier Hills Food Bank. So give back to your community this winter and donate your non-perishable items.

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