Consider this your brunch intervention. Ditch your current rotation of Le Peep, Farmhouse and The Cellar – it’s time to try something new. Step outside of your brunch comfort zone, because from Boltwood to Sarki’s, Northwestern’s brunch offerings are as diverse as its course catalog.

Evanston has an option for whatever state you’re in, whether you’re trying to impress your parents or you’re still wearing last night’s outfit. Put on something presentable, grab your #squad and take an Advil if you need one – the eggs and bacon you need aren’t going to come to you.

  1. Are you hungover (or still drunk from last night)?

  2. How big is your group?

  3. Are you trying to Instagram this?

  4. Is it actually brunch time, or do you just want an excuse to eat french toast at 3 PM?

  5. What are you ordering?

  6. How many dietary restrictions do you have?

  7. Are you trying to have a boozy brunch?

  8. How hangry are you?