Happy Thanksgiving!

   In light of the this beautiful day full of eating loads of food and spending quality time with your family - including that one crazy aunt that always asks about your love life... Who are we kidding? That's a question that everyone asks us.

   I thought a great way to spend the day would be to bring up some of the classic age old Thanksgiving debates. With so many opinions, it is inevitable that there will be debate over how we cook things and what ingredients we use. I thought that I would make an effort to bring some peace to your homes this holiday. 

Is it Dressing or Stuffing?

    I feel like this a popular Thanksgiving debate. This one makes me uncomfortable, dressing goes on salad. Why would we name a side dish 'dressing?' Stuffing just makes sense.

   What I've learned in recent years is that there is legitimately a difference between dressing and stuffing. Stuffing is the bread mixture that is put into the bird and is then cooked in the oven. Dressing is when the bread mixture is cooked outside of the bird, sometimes even in the same pan. Here's the thing, I like "dressing," but I'm still calling it "stuffing." It just feels right. You're welcome, for the answer that will put all debates to rest... or we just created more confusion. 

Marshmallows on the sweet potatoes or nah?

    Now personally, I've had little experience with the mallow being on my sweet potato. With how sweet potatoes are treated on Thanksgiving, they often are covered in butter and maple syrup. It's practically dessert. Why not add the mallow?

Canned cranberry sauce or homemade?

    This one hits home for me, not quite as pressing as other Thanksgiving debates. I'm not sure if this is relevant for any other family, but this one causes so much debate that we have to have both at my house. Some of my family refuses to eat canned, so my mom has to make homemade.

   Canned is smoother and is probably filled with sugar. Homemade has more dimension, there are fresh cranberries and oranges in it. It ends up feeling real and lighter. We choose to have both to settle this debate. I'm not sure there is a right answer. 

Sweet potato pie or pumpkin?

   Easy, sweet potato pie wins every time. Pumpkin is great, but pumpkin has had its turn. Hello, pumpkin spice season. The pumpkin does enough. Sweet potato pie has a better texture and taste over all. It is highly underrated. 

Cool Whip or Whipped Cream?

    This should be easy. We should always want the real thing when given the opportunity. I shouldn't even have to tell you.

Football or Thanksgiving Day Parade?

   Another easy one, I know this isn't food related. The Thanksgiving Day Parade should get priority. It is one of my favorite things about the holiday, second only to the food. 

   With the holiday season starting, we are entering times where everyone does things differently according to their family traditions or personal taste. Sometimes that causes debates, if you're blending traditions or starting your own. I hope that I've given some insight into these arguments. If all else fails, just have one of everything on hand, it is a feast after all. Now, everyone is happy.