Do you miss those scrumptious Disney World desserts, but don't have the time or money to book another Disney trip? Fear not my fellow Disnerds, you don't have to wish upon a star anymore, because you can now bring the magic of Disney baking right to your kitchen with these magical recipes. So preheat that oven, get your Disney playlist ready, and let the magic begin.

Tonga Toast

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It’s time to bring the magic to life with this little beauty. Tonga Toast can be found at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort at Kona Café, but now it can be made in any kitchen. This isn't an ordinary French Toast dish. For starters, this breakfast favorite has a banana sandwiched between two pieces of bread, deep fried and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Fruits can be sprinkled on top for flavor or decoration. This breakfast dessert is a Bare Necessity to starting any morning.

School Bread

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Before Elsa and Anna, the School Bread was the main attraction at Epcot's Norway pavilion in Walt Disney World. This tasty treat consists of a cinnamon bread roll topped with icing and flakes of coconut. Once bitten into, this dessert is stuffed with cool vanilla custard. This decadent dessert is ideal for eating in a comfortable spot with a great view of Spaceship Earth or watching the fireworks light up the sky at night. This will open anyone's taste buds to A Whole New World.

The Grey Stuff

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Have you tried it? It's delicious! Inspired by the "Be Our Guest" musical number in Beauty and the Beast, this Oreo-filled pudding dessert is a huge hit at the Be Our Guest restaurant. What started out as a dip is now highly popular among the Disney community. It can be eaten by itself or it can be the perfect way to top off chocolate cupcakes. Either way, you'll be the belle of the ball if you bring this to your next party.

Magic Cookie Bar

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Alright, now Be Prepared for sensational news about this delicious Disney wonder. A Disney trip will not be complete without trying one of these bad boys. Besides the sprinkles, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes, this dessert has two key ingredients: graham crackers and condensed milk. 

Combine all those ingredients together and you have these decadent bars of happiness. This heavenly treat is ideal while lounging outside the pool at Disney's Wilderness Lodge or just walking around the resort because that hotel is a monument to behold. Anyone will instantly fall in love with this treat, the way they did Once Upon a Dream.

Vanilla Fudge

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One cannot be a true Disney connoisseur without having tried Disney's vanilla fudge. It's basically a bomb of sugary sweetness packed into a square. Be warned, those who don't have a strong sweet tooth might want to stick with a simple premium Mickey bar, only those who possess a firm interest in sweets should try this. Now, any fudge flavor at Disney will do, but vanilla is a classic so why not start there? After mastering this recipe, add whatever concoctions you can think of and Let it Go.

Strawberry Shortcake

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This might be The First Time in Forever you’ve heard about the strawberry shortcake. This dessert is a hidden gem only found at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue at Fort Wilderness Resort at Walt Disney World. This sweet and fruity dessert is a great way to finish off a classic Frontier meal of fried chicken and corn bread. Say what you will about the show, but this dessert is the main attraction. 

Mickey and Minnie Rice Krispy Treat

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This mouthwatering delicacy is happiness on a stick. Anyone with a major sweet tooth will Go The Distance to get their hands on this. This bundle of joy can be found basically anywhere on the Disney property, from the Main Street Bakery on Main Street USA to Goofy's Candy Company in Disney Springs. The base is a Mickey-shaped rice krispies treat smothered with sweet chocolatey goodness. Now you can make this treat at home and add anything your heart desires to it.

Dole Whip

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This classic treat is the pièce de résistance of Disney World. This frozen treat is ideal for battling the Florida sun while trekking through the Disney parks. It's almost impossible to leave Adventureland without quenching one's thirst with this refreshing treat, if you can handle inevitably long lines. Not only is it refreshingly cold, but the tartness of the pineapple settles in with the sweetness of the vanilla. It’s no mystery why the Dole Whip Stands Out above the crowd.

Do these treats bring back magical memories from your last trip? Now you don't have to wait in line to get your hands on these goodies, you can make them in the comfort of your own home.