Two Harvard students, John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski, are about to become huge successes because of their new invention called Spray Cake. Essentially, it’s cake batter in a whipped cream can. Because of the science behind the aerosol can, this batter does not require baking soda or baking powder to rise. Literally all you have to do is spray it into a cake pan or cupcake tin and put it in the microwave. Unskilled bakers can rejoice and have a cupcake ready to eat in 30 seconds or a full cake ready in one minute. It’s perfect for portion control since you can make them individually.

Spray Cake

Photo courtesy of Boston Globe

The idea started out as part of McCallum’s science project for a Science and Cooking class, where he went off the initial goal of finding “ways to eat more cake.” Through some trial and error in a test kitchen in his dorm, McCallum perfected the technology that later became Spray Cake. One of his classmates, Brooke Nowakowski, was the one who had the idea of turning the idea into more than just a science project and she helped McCallum bring the vision of a product for market to life. The two are now the CEO’s of Spray Cake, as well as a happy couple.

So far the product is not on shelves yet but it will be soon. All I want to know now is when can I get it, and what flavors will there be?

Did I make you crave cake? Here are some recipes you can make right now: