For a few months, I have been #blessed with the opportunity to intern for a bridal magazine that will remain nameless. During this time, I have learned so much about weddings, the world, and myself. I was a fashion and editorial assistant, which basically meant that I spent most of my time either proofreading something or photoshopping something else.  

1. Blue champagne isn't great 

I have this rule that if a drink is blue, it's most likely the best drink you can get. However, if your drink looks exactly like Windex and kind of smells like it a bit, then you should most likely steer clear.  This was the case with the blue champagne that we sampled during our photoshoot. Not impressed.  

2. Macarons are overrated

I personally blame Blair Waldorf for this. I have edited thousands of wedding pictures, and hundreds of them contain macarons. This means that people need to start being a little more creative and think outside of the box. Maybe you should opt for the donuts instead.  

3. It's bad luck to toast to a nonalcoholic beverage

I most likely should have known this little fact before it was offhandedly mentioned in the office one day. It is bad luck to toast a newlywed couple (or just toast in general) with a drink that does not contain alcohol, according to superstition. This means that you need to be really creative if you're toasting someone at a dry wedding. This is also the perfect reason to put down the water and pick up the champagne. 

4. You can use just about anything to decorate a cake

We've come a long way from sprinkles being our most complicated cake topping. Now, in the name of doing something that has never been done before, people are forced to be a little more creative. Today, people are using seashells or wood, sparklers or projections, or actual lights to ensure that their cake is the most talked about wedding cake of the season. 

5. Cranberry Rośe Fizz cocktails are in

This is now #drinkgoals.  Open bar or not, this should be a go-to.  

6. Working for a bridal magazine gives you serious wedding fever

I've never been further from getting a ring myself, but that doesn't mean that a girl can't dream.  Before I accepted this internship, getting married wasn't really something I thought about seriously.  Now, I have the venue picked out, the dress picked out, and know who I want to take my pictures.