Breakfast, the most important meal of the day and for some people their favorite meal of the day (including this girl’s). For some college students who may be had a fun night the night before it could be their Hail Mary and best thing of the day. We might be in tiny Oxford Mississippi but we do have a few gems for places to eat breakfast. So whether you’re looking for a place to go with friends one morning or somewhere to take your parents while they’re in town, here are the best places in Oxford to have breakfast.

1. Big Bad Breakfast (BBB)


Photo courtesy of Big Bad Breakfast

Probably the most popular and familiar restaurant on this list. Big Bad Breakfast (or BBB as its most commonly know as around here) is probably one of the most popular and most known breakfast joins in Oxford. Known for their amazing food and homemade jams, this is southern food at its finest. On the downside I’d say expect a wait of 45 minutes (give or take more just depending on what time you go). Their grits, oatmeal, pancakes and all leave customers running back for more.

2.  The Graduate Hotel Brunch


Photo courtesy of The Graduate Hotel

This might come as a surprise to some but The Graduate (or Cabin 82 as this café  inside the semi new hotel is called) located on the end of the Square offers brunch and breakfast daily. This might require attire to be a little more fancy than BBB but it is worth it and surprisingly cheaper than you’ll think. While they might not have the biggest brunch menu it’s still good and tasteful. A good option is the biscuit and egg sandwich (you can add add cheese, bacon or sausage for a little more). Another yummy food if you aren’t too hungry is the yogurt parfait. With granola, berries and greek yogurt you can’t go wrong with this sweet treat. The Graduate would be a great place to take your parents if they’re in town.

3.  Huddle House


Photo courtesy of Huddle House

While it might be a chain breakfast joint, this old style breakfast diner has a rich history and is popular in the Southeast. It is local favorite for college students on a budget or a place to go late after a fun night out. Known for the Premium breakfast platters (eggs, hash browns, toasts and than your choice of sausage, steak or ham) it’s understood why this is a simple local favorite; especially among college students. With it’s long and tasty looking menu, you’ll be wanting to try it all before you leave.

As you can tell we might not have an endless list of breakfast places to eat in Oxford but we all have our favorites and they work for us. Whether you’re waiting in line for a table at BBB, having brunch with your parents at The Graduate or going to Huddle House at 3 am with a bunch of friends you’ll love whatever you get. We might have a few other places to get breakfast in Oxford but these are the top 3 places to eat if you’re looking for a place to go in the morning.