Your alarm pierces through the bliss of your dreamland. You groggily roll over and hit the snooze for the first (fourth?) time. Finally, your feet hit the floor. The next thought through your mind—other than crawling back into bed—is how you are going to satisfy your growling stomach. This could make or break your entire day.

However, like most college kids, you’re functioning on autopilot as you rush off to class and will just revert to your typical go-to breakfast option. Here’s what your breakfast choice most likely says about your major.

Eggs, bacon and hash browns: Political Science


Photo by Alex Vu

Nothing says all-American, well-rounded, patriot like a square meal to start the day. George Washington ate this for breakfast, so why shouldn’t you?

 Granola bar: Pre-Med


Photo by Emily Waples

Oh, thank goodness. You remembered to stash one of these babies in the bottom of your backpack under your orgo cram sheet. So what if it’s a little smashed? At least you remembered to eat today.

Last night’s leftover pizza: Computer Science


Photo by Kellyn Simpkins

Roll out of bed around one in the afternoon after a long night of coding and that pizza is calling from your fridge. It’s better the second time around anyways.

Croissant: Global Studies


Photo courtesy of Cafe Fleurette

Ugh, why can’t people pronounce this pastry right in America. It’s just not that hard.

Coffee: Business


Photo by Gabby Phi

Until Starbucks starts making caffeine IV drips, coffee will have to do. If you’re not on your third cup by 9 am, you’re behind. Wall Street Journal in one hand, latte in the other, and you’re set for a long day of case studies and balance sheets.

Cereal: History


Photo by Izzi Clark

You’re a classic. People have lived off of this stuff since ancient times. Why would you need anything else?

Smoothie: Sports Science


Photo by Abby Farley

You’re up and running. Kale is your BFF and fruit is bae. Health is your priority, and a smoothie gets your morning started right.

Pancakes: Public Policy


Photo by Dylan Barth

You can be sweet and full of fluff at times, but you really know how to handle sticky situations. To you, stacks of pancakes equate to stacks of legislation papers.

Eggs Benedict: English


Photo by Abigail Gay

What’s in an egg? That which we call a muffin, by any other word would taste as sweet.

Oatmeal: Theater


Photo by Gabby Phi

There are so many options! You can dress it up like a musical or keep it simple like a monologue.

Waffles: Engineering


Photo by Sydney Segal

You know the exact number of craters in each waffle, exactly how much syrup it would take to fill each of the craters equally and the ratio of chocolate chips to waffle batter.


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