I love breakfast, but most mornings I am far too groggy to think about a complex meal. Most of the time, I default to one of a few favorite easy meals that I can make in less than 15 minutes. For me, a good breakfast involves a few key elements: some carbs and a bit of protein to make a light, non-greasy meal. Of course, every great breakfast is accompanied by an equally great cup of coffee. If you are interested in exploring simple ideas with your morning joe, then keep reading for five easy breakfast recipes! 

1. Steel-Cut Oats with Berries, Nuts, and More 

Radhika Iyer

I love steel-cut oats. It might be because they make me feel healthier, but I know that every day that I start off with these oats is a good day. Admittedly, oats by themselves are bland and mushy, but a dash of cinnamon, some berries (frozen or fresh), a sprinkling of nuts (I like slivered almonds and pecans), and a dollop of almond butter makes for a satisfying, slightly chewy breakfast. While I like to stick to this slightly tart, simple recipe, there is a world of oatmeal recipes to explore!

#SpoonTip: Sprinkle a tablespoon of chia seeds or flax seeds (or both!) on top of your oatmeal for an easy, healthy addition! 

2. Breakfast Tacos 

Radhika Iyer

Although I call these breakfast tacos, I often eat this easy meal for lunch and dinner as well. These tacos are filling and super easy to throw together in the morning with some basic ingredients. I usually warm up two corn tortillas, add a scrambled egg and shredded cheese, and top it off with sliced avocado and pico de gallo. These tacos are easily adaptable so I often throw on additions like black beans, mushrooms, or some diced potatoes.

3. Toast with Cream Cheese and Jam 

Radhika Iyer

I recently discovered the wonders of cream cheese and jam. The creaminess of the cream cheese and the tartness of the jam somehow work really well and make for a delicious breakfast. This breakfast is particularly simple: a slice of toast topped with cream cheese and a jam of your choice. Personally, I love raspberry jam, but pick your favorite (apricot, peach, strawberry, and more).

4. Breakfast Sandwich 

Radhika Iyer

This breakfast sandwich has a couple more elements than the other items on this list, but the bread-y, egg-y, cheese-y product is worth it in my opinion. The basic idea is to toast some bread, throw on a slice of gouda, fry an egg, top it with some salt and pepper, and smash it all together into a messy, yolk-y sandwich. In the picture above, I was feeling ambitious and added some sautéed mushrooms, sliced avocado, and a dash of smoked paprika.

5. Sweet Potato Hash with an Egg 

Radhika Iyer

This recipe can be prepared for brunch or for breakfast. I personally really like sweet potatoes due to their unique flavor and health benefits, so I keep this one simple and sauté diced sweet potatoes, onions, and green peppers until they turn golden with caramelized edges. Add some salt and pepper, and crack an egg on top for some protein. Bread is optional, but is a great way to sop up the runny yolk.

Sometimes making breakfast more complicated than a bowl of cereal in the morning can seem like a daunting task, but I hope this article gave you some ideas for the next week and beyond. Any of these recipes can be improvised in any way—replace the fruits in the oats, use russet potatoes instead of sweet potatoes, or replace the gouda with some melty Swiss cheese. The options are endless!