We all have those days when we know exactly what we have to do to study for our upcoming exam, but can't seem to actually get ourselves there. With many universities' recent switch to remote learning, focusing can be more difficult than ever. Without our favorite study spaces in the library or the help from study groups, studying at home can feel like a daunting task that none of us want to tackle. However, learning how to fuel your brain with proper brain food is the first step to making your time at home more productive. The food and drinks we consume every day have a huge impact on our energy levels and our ability to retain information. These study snacks below are great to eat at home, and easy to find around campus.


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Sierra Orsak

There is no better energy booster than a nice cup of coffee. In fact, it can give you the boost you need to get out of bed in the morning and start your day of online classes. It's important to restrict yourself to only two cups a day since too much caffeine can make you jittery and lose focus. On campus, grabbing a cup of coffee inside 7th or the Library can be the perfect motivation for a productive study session.  


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Torey Walsh

Foods with mono-saturated fats like these help your brain work faster, and give you energy to keep going. Nuts can be a perfect snack at home while studying. Because of their accessibility and convenience, nuts are great to have in your dorm as well. Grab a handful of almonds or walnuts and you're guaranteed an improvement in memory! 


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Heather Feibleman

Another type of food that can boost your memory is any form of protein. Protein is a brain food that helps your brain send messages to the rest of your body. Eggs are a great source of protein to help you stay full and focused. There are so many creative ways to prepare your eggs at home, and you can even find hard-boiled eggs on campus at the library. 


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Katie Kasperson

Although berries are sometimes hard to find around campus, fruit can be the perfect study snack at home. Fruits contain vitamins and carbohydrates that your body needs to give you energy. They can be great as a study snack or a side to any energizing breakfast. 


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Becky Hughes

This warm treat, packed with whole-grains, can keep you energized for hours. Oatmeal is an easy breakfast to make if you're running late for a 10 a.m. Zoom session, and you can spice it up with your favorite kinds of fruit. It's another clean snack that you can grab at a few places on campus as well. 

The bottom line is that you should try and stick to a healthy diet while studying. It will keep your body fueled and prevent any feelings of fullness to the point of just wanting to sleep. This guide by CollegeNutritionist.com gives a few more healthy ideas for that perfect go-to snack. With or without brain food you can ace that test! So whatever you do, keep a healthy mindset and remember that you've got this!