Fall is upon us, and it's time for deeper and more diverse flavor profiles. This season brings us all the comforting flavors like apple, butternut squash, pumpkin, sage, fennel, and clove into your diet in the fall. But don't forget the Halloween essential, candy corn. 

Brach's is well known for their contribution to the Halloween treat scene. This year they took on a different approach to fall flavor by a new line of "Brunch Favorites" candy corn that is only available at Target. 

sweet, candy, chips, milk, chocolate
Jessica Citronberg

The three flavors included are French Toast & Maple Syrup, Waffles & Strawberry, and Chocolate Chip & Pancakes.

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Jessica Citronberg

I was admittedly skeptical of trying these, so it was a pleasant surprise that they're actually delicious. The fact that Brach's was able to recreate the flavors of these brunch items so well does raise some questions about what's in the candy corn.

It is candy though, I'll stick to eating it in moderation for the sake of my health. My only critique (and warning) is to be sure you don’t take a handful and pop them all in your mouth at once. The combination of the flavors together doesn’t sit well with the taste buds. 

Head to Target before Halloween and grab some for yourself to try, I think you'll also be amazed by the flavor recreations.