It's that time of year again — when happy couples indulge in the romance of Valentine's Day, and when most singles sulk and become bitter than ever. Calling all couples and single ladies, now put your hands up. One thing both parties find love in are hot pies straight out the oven. A fluffy crust, delicious sauce and melted cheese (whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner) make people feel some typa' way.

If you don't got a "mans" this holiday, check out these studs and order in a pizza. Beyoncé says if you like something, then you should put a ring on it. You never know. The pizza delivery boy could be boyfriend material, or even your next slice of heaven (go get 'em tiger).

1. Kendall from Big Time Rush feat. heart-shaped pizza. 

Get you a "mans" who can do both — provide heart-shaped pizza feat. a sense of humor.

2. Big Time Rush boys feat. demands for pizza, pronto. 

Confidence is sexy. Keep it up, boys. You're going places.

3. Eric from Boy Meets World stuffing his face with a cheesy slice, no shame. 

This guy is an accurate representation of how you eat pizza, solo.

4. Joey from Friends feat. precision for pizza. 

Joey, how you doin'? Pizza sounds great. Pick me up at 8.

5. Zac Efron feat. open feelings about pizza.

Zac, I'm impressed. A+.

6. Channing Tatum feat. a cheesy slice and a fluff. 

Shirtless with pizza and a fluffy cat. That is all.

7. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction feat. upfront interest for pizza. 

What you wish the guy of your dreams would tell you face to face on your first date.

8. Ryan Gosling feat. a sharp suit, looking like a hot slice himself.

Gosling owning this slice like its his job.

9. This guy feat. dance moves with pizza slices. 

Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Take it back now y'all. Date me this time. Cha cha, real smooth.

10. Pete Wentz feat. deep philosophy about pizza.

And to top it off, Pete Wentz and his effortless love for pizza.

I hope a guy as cute as Pete Wentz with a beanie delivers a large pie with extra cheese to you and your gal pals just like this, brick wall and all. Happy Valentine's Day; find your tru luv in cheesy love triangles.