I have a tendency to eat the majority of my day’s calories late at night, typically after 11 pm. I’d be more ashamed to admit it, but I know most of you can relate.

That being said, I often struggle in my quest for drunchies as Boston is notorious for closing earlier than a lot of US college towns, and Favor (God bless the turquoise-clad lights of my life) closes at midnight. In support of the Freshman 15 and when microwave popcorn in your dorm at 2 am won’t cut it, here are some of my favorite late-night eats in Boston.

1. South Street Diner

late night

Photo by Kaely Gallagher

South Street Diner is a Boston staple and late night downtown must-see. It has a typical diner menu, decor, and spunky staff that is there to serve you your favorites 24/7.

2. The Pour House

late night

Photo courtesy of yelp.com

The Pour House is a classic Boston watering hole that’s always good late night. Definitely stop by after a night out but also be sure to go for weekend brunch. Their tater tots are unreal.

3. Tip Tap Room

late night

Photo by Nancy Chen

The Tip Tap Room is a bit more pricey than the rest of this list but it shows in the quality of their food and drink. Their menu is characterized by modern and inventive dishes as well as a large selection of craft beers in case you want to keep your night going. Gotta try em’ all.

4. Dumpling Cafe

late night

Photo by Nancy Chen

Dumpling Cafe is located right downtown for all of your post-club dumpling needs. I don’t know about you, but for me, there is no better comfort drunchie than all the dumplings I can fit in my mouth.

#SpoonTip: Chubby bunny challenge using dumplings? Play at your own risk. 

5. New York Pizza

late night

Photo courtesy of foodspotting.com

New York Pizza is the motherland, my home, and my favorite people watching place. Fondly referred to as NYP, I swear I’ve never tasted a better slice in Boston.

If you find yourself at New York Pizza at 2 am on a Thursday, look across the street and you’ll probably see me sitting on the curb with a box to myself, looking as happy as you’ll ever see me.

#SpoonTip: Looking for unique pizza? Try their honey barbecue chicken and fries pizza.

6. Tasty Burger

late night

Photo by KJ Carlstrom

If you’ve been to Tasty Burger (shame on you if you haven’t), I don’t need to sing its praises. If you haven’t, get up and get yourself a Big Tasty. There are five locations throughout Boston so you have no excuse. I’m serious. Do it now.

7. Wok n’ Talk

late night

Photo courtesy of wokntalkboston.com

Because Asian food is suppose to be healthy, right? Wok n’ Talk is a Boston college kid classic and will satisfy all of your lo mein and orange chicken cravings.

8. The Squealing Pig

late night

Photo courtesy of squealingpigboston.com

At a party on the Hill? Afterward, head to The Squealing Pig for good, elevated pub food like their grilled salmon club sandwich. Their menu is so extensive that even your pickiest friend who still has the palate of a six-year old will find something to snack on. Plus, it was named the best bar in Boston, according to Northeastern students.

9. Bova’s Bakery

late night

Photo by Alyssa Perkins

Bova’s is a North End hidden gem that I stumbled upon on a walk one night. The bakery is open 24/7, which is absolutely incredible.

Definitely go for the cannolis, but promise me you’ll never leave without getting a calzone. They come stuffed with almost anything you could want and are small enough to hold and eat while you wander around. So get off of Hanover Street and see what else the North End has to offer.

10. El Triunfo

late night

Photo courtesy of weekendpic.com

El Triunfo is a small Mexican restaurant but its Salvadoran dishes are what make it stand out. Try their zucchini fritters, because veggies are healthy, right?

11. OTTO Pizza

late night

Photo by Nancy Chen

OTTO is one of Boston’s best pizza joints, and thankfully, it’s open late night. While NYP has a special place in my heart, OTTO has a much larger selection of toppings to choose from. My roommate and I will never eat enough of their prosciutto pizza.

12. Falafel Palace

late night

Photo courtesy of chefsfeed.com

Falafel Palace in Cambridge really is your destination if you’re trying to keep it healthy. This old-school Syrian and Middle Eastern café is a favorite among Harvard students and worthy of the reputation it has earned over the years.

So there you have it! Stop by all of my favorites this summer on your way home from whatever bar, club, or frat party you’re heading home from. And if you’re looking for brunch the next morning, we’ve got you covered too.