As a college student, the luxury to dine out doesn't happen often. I have a strict budget, and getting food from somewhere other than Chipotle or Panera can be tedious and expensive. I want to dine out more, but most of the time it's not realistic.

Living in a city like Boston, there are so many options to choose from. Because of this, a majority of the time my friends and I end up ordering delivery pizza or something unadventurous.

This habit has changed upon my discovery of Go Papaya, a local start-up that is changing the dining scene for college students.

How it works

Go Papaya is an app available on Android and iPhone that allows you to book a last minute table at a restaurant. You can choose from the app's diverse selection of restaurants and locations, and all you have to do is arrive within 30 minutes. But it gets even better.

Depending on the day of the week, availability, and time of day, the restaurant you choose will also give you a certain percentage discount off your total bill. It could be anywhere from 10% to 50% off! That's right, you get a discount just for booking a table through the app.

What you get out of it

"You're saving a couple bucks and having an easier time deciding where to go when dining out last minute," co-founder Zachary Weiss said.

This system is mutually beneficial. The diner gets to save money, and the restaurant gets to fill a table during slower a time that might not otherwise get filled. It's also highly user-friendly. You simply choose a restaurant, enter the size of your party, and arrive within 30 minutes.

When you check in, the restaurant can see you used Go Papaya, and the discount is automatically applied to your bill when you pay. 

"If you're going out to eat anyway, why not Go Papaya and save a little money?" Weiss said.

The takeaway 

With choices like Kayuga and Grasshopper in Allston and Max Brenner and Thai Basil in the Newbury/Copley Square area,  it's super convenient for Boston University Students. But more importantly, these are delicious options. We are all looking to save a little money, so the next time you decide to have a meal outside the dining hall or your apartment, I highly recommend you Go Papaya.