Chicken noodle soup: The iconic food staple that has been cooked to make countless people feel better for years. Even Campbell’s soup commercial’s include a sick child, sibling, spouse or friend that needs a boost of energy. My mom will always brew me up a home cooked pot when I’m under the weather and I’m sure my mom is not the only one.

Broth bars have been popping up like crazy, and I dug around to figure out what the big deal was with ’em. Anti-aging is name of the game and people want in on it.  Once celebs started endorsing the new fad food the there has been no stopping bone broth reach more and more cities.

What does Bone Broth do?

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Salma Hayek attributes her youthful glow, and lack of wrinkles at 49 years of age partly to having bone broth on the daily.  “I think people are afraid of fat, and fat is your friend” Salma said in an interview with Extra. Not only does bone broth help with your skin, it helps with digestion which leads to better skin*.

The Science Behind it

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A rampant wave came through after the book Nourishing Broth came out sparking the opening of various broth restaurants.  This book attributes the ease of inflammation, speed healing, calming of allergies and combatting of fatigue to the “unique combination of amino acids, minerals, and cartilage compounds.”

So basically, the book points out a daily cup of broth will help ya out in the long run in plastic surgeon bills and possibly even medications!

*However, according to Time, there is no reason for the correlation between collagen in soup to equal collagen filling out your face.  Dr. William H. Percy, an associate professor and biomedical scientist at the University of South Dakota even said it was “nonsensical”. Take it as you will though, Salma’s skin is flawless and I’m up for drinking a little extra fat if it will make my skin glow like hers when I’m almost 50.

How to make your own


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Bone broth sounds gnarly, but it is actually just soup broth.  You can make it like how you would make any other soup.  Use this Chicken Soup recipe, meat on the bones is not necessary, and then strain out the broth for a great snack.

Where to Find Bone Broth


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Understandable, if waiting 12 hours for food isn’t your thing then hit up one of these restaurants. But if your not located within distance of one of those lucky locations Bare Bones ships broth out to those not fortunate enough to be able to taste broth on the daily.