What happens when four creative University of Michigan graduates and foodies come together during the midst of a pandemic? They create something magical: a unique and healthy hot sauce that finds its sweetness from bananas. Thus, BOMBANANA was born.

Marlee Hooberman

Founders Jared Schacter, Grant Dukus, Jonny Moss, and Kevin Bhattacharyya began their food creation journey by merely messing around with ingredients in their kitchen, always cooking for one another after school. They found that the hot sauces on the market lacked a sense of creativity that they knew they could introduce. 

The uniqueness of BOMBANANA's hot sauces stems from their usage of bananas. Instead of adding the artificial and processed sugars found in most generic hot sauces, the founders were able to figure out a way to utilize bananas as sugar, making the  banana-based hot sauces cleaner, while still extremely flavorful and savory. BOMBANANA focuses on creating a sauce that compliments and enhances your food's taste without having a sharp banana flavor to the sauce. With other ingredients in the mix, such as chipotle and árbol, the hot sauce can be paired with anything from a breakfast sandwich to chicken wings and proves itself to be more than just a condiment, adding flavor to any meal.

Currently, BOMBANANA has two flavors of hot sauce for sale: Original, having a classic sweet but spicy flavor to it, and Muy Muy, which puts an emphasis on the spice, making it the perfect sauce for those who love an extra kick of heat. Each bottle sells for a retail price of $7.99 and can be found in over 30 select grocers as well as on the brand's website, seekthespice.com. The founders are eager to expand their product line, as they have a verde banana-based sauce coming soon that they are excited to have their customers taste in the near future.

For anyone wanting to try a new kind of hot sauce that is better for your body and has incredible flavor, BOMBANANA is a must try!

Note: All photos are either BOMBANANA's press images that were permitted for usage before writing the article or taken from BOMBANANA's facebook page.

Marlee Hooberman