I'm from Texas, so I am a born and bred lover of Blue Bell ice cream. I mean, if you're from Texas and you don't love Blue Bell, are you really from Texas? When Blue Bell was first removed from our shelves, I thought there might be rioting in the streets. I know people who cried real tears over its absence from local grocery stores.

When this magical ice cream finally returned to our lives, my friend Paige and I threw a "party," which consisted of sitting on Paige's living room floor and eating three different flavors of Blue Bell right out of the container. (My turn-up game is really strong, guys.)

(Texas Governor Greg Abbott threw a very similar party, apparently.)

Because I'm personally invested in Blue Bell, I rejoiced when I saw that the company was furthering its triumphant return by introducing a new flavor. Even better, this new flavor is a combination of two of the greatest flavors known to man: cookie dough and cookies and cream.

For me, picking ice cream flavors is overwhelming. The 31 flavors at a Baskin Robbins, for example, are more than enough to give me ordering anxiety. When it comes down to cookie dough vs. cookies and cream, it's like choosing between puppies—painful and unnecessary.

That's exactly what makes Cookie Two Step so revolutionary: it combines two of the best. (I'm also a Mint Chocolate Chip girl, but you can't win them all.) And if you're concerned that such a powerhouse pairing couldn't possibly live up to the expectations, I assure you, this ice cream is as mind-blowing as it sounds. And while it's definitely sweet (duh, it's ice cream?), it doesn't cross the line into cloyingly sweet territory.

If you're feeling thoroughly convinced and wondering when and where to pick up a gallon for you and some pals to have your own super cool eat-ice-cream-on-the-floor party, it pains me to say you might have to wait a while. Due to some new Listeria concerns, Blue Bell has decided to recall all flavors containing cookie dough, which means that Cookie Two Step is recently once again off the market.

So there you have it: a beautiful new flavor introduced and then cruelly taken away. It's like Brad and Angelina's divorce — only in ice cream form.

Here's to hoping Cookie Two Step is back on the shelves by the time finals week rolls around