Blue Bell Ice Cream has been a Southern staple since 1907. While most people resort to Homemade Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate, Blue Bell produces more than 20 different flavors, in addition to seasonal flavors.

Despite their recent Listeria scare, Blue Bell is definitely safe to consume now. We had the opportunity to taste test ten different flavors, and while everyone had differing opinions, there are two things we agreed on: 1) The ice cream is deliciously creamy and 2) Blue Bell does not skimp on mix-ins. Here's what we felt about the ten different pints of ice cream we tried.

Butter Crunch

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Elizabeth Dieterich

Blue Bell's Butter Crunch ice cream tastes just like a Butterfinger. Seriously. It has a smooth vanilla base and is loaded with chopped pieces of Butterfinger candy. The sweet vanilla flavor is balanced by the peanut butter, and the creaminess of the ice cream is offset by the crunchiness of the crispy pieces of candy. 

Butter Pecan

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Elizabeth Dieterich

The cream base in this ice cream is sweet, but it's kept from tasting too sugary by the abundance of crunchy and nutty pecans. This is the perfect combo of sweet and creamy paired with subtle nuttiness. 

Cherry Vanilla

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Elizabeth Dieterich

Cherry Vanilla has a very sweet base. However, the sweetness is offset by the tartness from the chunks of dried cherries that are scattered throughout the ice cream. The cherries also add a nice stickiness to the smooth ice cream texture. 


cream, milk, coffee, sweet, dairy product, pudding
Elizabeth Dieterich

For you coffee lovers out there, this one's for you. This ice cream flavor literally tastes like you are eating a frozen cup of coffee. It has good body, a strong coffee flavor, without tasting overly sweetened. Blue Bell's coffee ice cream is so delicious, I might start indulging in a pint for breakfast .

Cookies 'n Cream

coffee, milk, cream, chocolate, sweet, dairy product
Elizabeth Dieterich

This one is definitely a win. Blue Bell's  cookies 'n cream ice cream tastes exactly like a Chik-fil-A Cookies 'n Cream milkshake (aka heaven). The cream tastes just like the filling in an Oreo. The richness of the ice cream is balanced by the fudge-like texture of the Oreo chunks. This ice cream will leave you with the perfect chocolate aftertaste. This one is definitely a win. 

Pecan Pralines 'n Cream 

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Elizabeth Dieterich

A blend of vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls and hefty chunks of pecan praline, this one was my personal favorite. Extremely sweet, every bite is a combination of vanilla and caramel accompanied by crunchy pecans and caramelized pralines. 

Mint Chocolate Chip

cream, dairy product, milk, sweet
Elizabeth Dieterich

Given its name, this flavor was indeed minty. Loaded with dark chocolate chunks, the mint and dark chocolate prevented it from being too sweet. Additionally, the abundance of chocolate chunks were a good texture contrast to the creaminess of the ice cream. 

Pistachio Almond

cream, milk, dairy product, yogurt, sweet
Elizabeth Dieterich

Are you nuts for nuts? A creamy pistachio base loaded with chunks of chopped almonds, this one is for you nut fans. This ice cream has a very subtle pistachio flavor without being overly nutty, and the texture from the almond gives it a nice bite.

Rocky Road

coffee, chocolate, milk, cream, sweet, cappuccino, espresso, mocha
Elizabeth Dieterich

This Rocky Road ice cream is a melting pot of textures and flavors — a creamy, rich, dark chocolate base is offset by the sweet vanilla fluff from the marshmallows and nutty crunch from the almonds.  


cream, milk, yogurt, sweet, ice, strawberry, dairy product, dairy
Elizabeth Dieterich

This strawberry ice cream tastes just like a glass of frozen strawberry milk — creamy, tart, and mildly sweet. To top it off, the ice cream is loaded with chunks of frozen strawberries that also helps balance the smooth texture of the ice cream.