Way too often I find myself scrolling through food delivery apps, scrambling through the fridge, and tearing apart the pantry at night, only to walk away empty-handed and feeling frustrated with ridiculous delivery fees. The hanger starts kicking in. Max and Misha, owners of Trap Mike's, set out to fix the issue of hungry college students looking for late-night food at affordable prices. They realized that college students want more late-night food options but without paying crazy fees for service and delivery.

Natalie Jacobi

Trap Mike's Story

Max and Misha worked at Jersey Mike's in high school and always dreamed of one day owning their own business. Their hunger on many freshman year nights made them realize that Bloomington was severely lacking food options outside of pizza and they wanted to capitalize on this market. When the pandemic hit they decided it was time to get serious to open Trap Mike's, so the planning and preparation began! Their main goal was to provide a better solution of "cheap and affordable options for college students." Instead of going the traditional route of using a food delivery service, they built their own app where they can proudly provide FREE delivery to customers. The magic happens in a ghost kitchen located in Bloomington, where their small team works hard day and night. 

The Menu

Trap Mike's menu features a variety of fried snacks, sandwiches, wraps, pancakes, and even fried cookies. They have customizable orders that offer options for everyone. Their unique menu features some items named after Indiana University athletes! One popular menu item is the Ty Fries- fries loaded with cheese, cheese curds, and topped with bacon, named after IU's own Ty Fryfogle. Oh, and don't forget the sauce. The fries are good alone, but dunked in Trap sauce hits different.

Natalie Jacobi

Who said pancakes had to be a breakfast food? We definitely say late-night snack too. Trap Mike's sells a variety of pancakes, but their Jesus Christ pancake is a must. Far from ordinary these are filled with chocolate chips, bananas, bacon, Nutella, and peanut butter! And no, the bacon is not a side item with these pancakes. It is INSIDE. Crazy good. With these pancakes, you'll crave breakfast any time of the day. 

Natalie Jacobi

If you are like me and have a huge sweet tooth, especially at night, you have got to try their deep fried desserts. Chocolate Chip cookies and Oreos! The chocolate chip cookies are warm and gooey underneath the shell of fried goodness. And who doesn't love Oreos? Of course a fried batter and an Oreo are a perfect match. Sugar heaven!

Natalie Jacobi

Looking for something more filling? Try one of their signature sandwiches and choose from options like the Big Mike - a toasted sandwich filled with a variety of deli meat and then topped with french fries, mozz sticks, and their signature Trap sauce! 

Natalie Jacobi

Trap Mike's also has quesadillas, mac n' cheese, wraps, and candy bars. They even have dope merchandise available for purchase on their app and website. 

How to Order

You can order Trap Mike's Thursday - Saturday 10 PM to 4 AM. Order through their app or visit their website to place your order and receive free delivery for up to 5 miles away!

Trap Mike's is the solution to anyone's late-night cravings, and with a menu so diverse, there is an option that will satisfy everyone's craving. No more complaints about ordering the boring, greasy pizza. Trap Mike's has something for everyone - sweet and salty! Make sure to check them out soon. Support local!