I mean c’mon. Need we say more! I can’t seem to think of a better duo than cocktails and charcuterie boards. And carryout? The ULTIMATE picnic is waiting for you. The Coronavirus sure has brought difficult times for everyone, but Cardinal Spirits has found a way to combat this struggle and cater to the carryout crowd. Offering carryout has been new to the distillery so their main goal has been to make sure it is executed properly. But they seem to be killing it! Here at Spoon University, we like to eat AND drink. Especially when it’s local!! Check out this article to hear more Bloomington's Cardinal Spirits carryout menu. 


Bloomington is proud to be the home of the latest and greatest, Cardinal Spirits. Depending on where your travels have limited you during the last few months of the Coronavirus, you might have even seen their canned cocktails in liquor stores outside of Bloomington, Indiana. That’s right! Cardinal’s canned cocktails are taking the nation by storm, and even national media like Vogue, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal have been loving it too! You can get a taste of Bloomington all over the state, and even in 12 others! With their spirits launching around five years ago, and the first of their canned cocktails just over two years ago, they are a relatively young player in the distillery industry. Yet, they have seemed to take over this town.

Hand Sanitizer

Cardinal Spirits is even making their own hand sanitizer! They give a small bottle for free with each purchase, and additional bottles can be bought in one gallon jugs, four ounce spray bottles, or eight ounce spray bottles. They even ship!

Natalie Jacobi

Let's Eat!

We tried everything on the menu, and I can confidently and completely honestly say that I loved every bit of it. But if you want to fit in with the crowd and order the most popular items, try the cheese and charcuterie board and the prime rib sandwich. So rich and decadent with flavors that explode.

The drinks change on the daily depending on what the bartender and the guests are in the mood for. So be sure to stop in frequently to check out the daily cocktail specials.

Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Really nothing screams a picnic more than a beautiful charcuterie board and cocktails to go. Pick up their cheese board and some drinks and head on down the B-Line to Switchyard Park, either at a picnic table or in the grass, and enjoy a nice fall afternoon. This board comes with a variety of cheese, meats, eggs, nuts, fruits, and even housemade chickpea crackers! Such an easy and tasty way to enjoy a picnic. And it’s gluten free!

Natalie Jacobi

Summer Salad

If salads could talk, this one screams. Once you have a bite of this salad, you will know exactly what I mean. Salads usually seem to be very boring and are usually only ordered when you feel like you need extra greens in your life. But THIS salad is definitely not a background dancer. It is the main show. It is a salad worth ordering. A fun mix of greens, bacon, veggies, avocado, egg, housemade pickles, and more. So much flavor, and so guilt (and gluten) free! 

Natalie Jacobi

Creekbend Banh Mi

Sometimes pork really just hits the spot. Especially all the flavor packed into this braised Indiana pork belly. When your hunger is really hitting you, this is a great meal to satisfy the crave. The best part is Cardinal Spirit’s own Creekbend Brandy BBQ sauce! This sandwich is topped with local cucumber and red cabbage Mae Ploy salad. Pairing this meal with the roasted vegetables added an intensifying flavor combination.

Natalie Jacobi

Prime Rib Sandwich

This Indiana prime rib was our personal favorite entrée! Made special with Cardinal Spirit’s Lake House Spiced Rum BBQ onions and topped with mixed greens and shoyu-mustard aoli. The flavors blend so well. This is a must!

Natalie Jacobi

Beet and Brassica Burger

This is a call to all adventurous food lovers who are bored of the basic burger. This burger is far from anything I had ever had. No meat, no bun, and no cheese. Clearly this isn’t your basic burger. But, don’t let that lead you to thinking that it can’t compete on flavor, because it just might win that competition. And no, you are not looking at plastic around the burger. That is indeed a rice paper wrap filled with a beetroot and quinoa patty, avocado,  and local red cabbage and cucumber Mae Ploy salad.

Natalie Jacobi

Date and Chocolate Brownie

Trust me, this should not be spoken about last. But given the fact that it is a dessert and if we are sticking to the basic order of casual dining, we must conclude with the sweet option. But I must reassure you, that we are saving the best for last. This brownie is to die for. Cardinal Spirits really knows how to plate their delicious food. It was so beautiful I didn’t want to ruin it. (Thankfully that feeling only lasted for a quick second). The texture of this brownie is unlike any other. So soft, and melts away in your mouth immediately. The pairing with berries add an amazing flavor that works so well with the chocolate. I wish I could eat this everyday. The best part is, you don’t even have to feel that guilty for consuming the entire brownie by yourself! Vegan and gluten free. It's made with nuts and fruit. I mean seriously though, it's healthy... right?  I could go on and on but just go order it for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Natalie Jacobi

Drink Up!

Of course you can’t go to Cardinal Spirits and miss out on their amazing cocktails and spirits! The four-pack cans add an ultra-convenient and mess free beverage to your ultimate picnic. (We definitely recommend trying the Maui Mule, Bramble Mule, and the Vodka Soda. You can’t go wrong!) But if you are feeling in the mood to practice your own mixing skills, order the spirits and cocktail mixes to go. We tried the Black Raspberry Bramble with the Mad Hatter. Such a refreshing and amazing flavor combination!) Ask for their daily varieties and pick up a fresh cocktail mix with a bottle of spirits that you can prepare at home. Or if you’re wanting to channel your inner bartender, pick up some Cardinal Spirits and check out their website for recipe inspiration.

Rianne Henderson

Fall Flavors

Now that fall is finally here, Cardinal Spirits is ready to bring on the fall flavor. They are introducing seasonal changes to their food menu soon! For example, the Summer Salad will transform into an Autumnal salad and we can’t wait to taste the warm, fall flavors. They have also introduced Spiced Apple Cider with Creekbend Brandy or Lake House Spiced Rum. Follow their Instagram to stay updated on what is yet to come.

Cardinal Spirits is excited to introduce new fall flavors as they change their menu with the season. They also hope to expand the menu and offer food throughout the week, rather than just Fridays through Mondays. They also offer a 15% discount on food and drinks on Mondays to people who work in the food and beverage industry.

Be sure to stop in Cardinal Spirits between 12 PM and 8 PM as you’re taking a stroll down the B-line or bringing dinner back for your friends and family. Spice up your home party with the tasty and convenient cocktails and entrees to go. Nothing will please your guests more than professional drinks and meals, with unmatchable flavors, prepared without any hassle to you and your crowd.

Eat AND drink local at Cardinal Spirits! Bloomington's Cardinal Spirits carryout is truly unbeatable.