If you haven’t noticed, Oreo has been coming out with some bizarre flavors. Most recently, they came out with a personal favorite, Red Velvet. Before that, they introduced two other flavors, Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy. We were inspired by this less-than-stellar review of some of the new flavors, so we decided to try them ourselves.

We chose 5 people to do a blind taste test of the new Oreo flavors to see if each flavor tasted like it was supposed to. Results were mixed, but mostly everyone agreed that Oreo should come out with some sort of Nutella flavor. Your move, Oreo.

Meet the contestants.

thomasThomas is a random French dude that we found outside a French bakery. He thinks the new Oreo flavors can compete with the Cronut.


Betsy’s nose can always tell when it’s raining.


Joseph ate an entire box of Oreos before filming this. He feels no shame.


Roger has just been accepted into Oreo University. He’s looking for a freshman roommate if anyone is interested.


Ryan may or may not be drunk off these Oreos right now. #whitegirlwasted

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