After a day of giving thanks, Black Friday seems to bring out the worst in people. Bargain shoppers are thirsty to snag the best deals and they will take down anyone in their way. We put together a Black Friday survival guide so that you don't get hangry throughout this ravenous day. 

Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner

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Black Friday deals don't even start on Friday anymore. Some stores, such as Best Buy, open as early as 5 pm on Thanksgiving. Despite how early stores are opening, don't forget that it's still Thanksgiving and that means family time. Would you rather be waiting in line with a bunch of strangers or sitting at the table with family eating a delicious meal? Choose what's important to you, but either way, fuel your body before the shopping. You'll need the energy.

Pack Snacks Loaded With Protein

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So now you're waiting in line with a bunch of anxious people and tensions are running high. You know the doors will open in a matter of minutes and you're getting ready to knock through some people to get what you want. There's no time to eat once you're in the store, the only time to eat is in line. Bring protein-filled snacks in your bag with you to keep you full longer. Snacks such as almonds, jerky, edamame, Cliff bars, and PB&J are perfect snacks to sustain your energy and keep you sane. 


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You're going to be breaking a sweat during Black Friday shopping. And if you're not, you're doing it wrong. An ideal drink to bring with you is chocolate milk. It has enough protein in it to replenish the electrolytes you'll lose while running from store to store. Of course, keep a water bottle with you as well. Try to conserve it and sip it throughout the day. 

Skip the Food Court

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If you're at a mall, avoid the food court at all costs. There will be more unnecessary lines that will take away precious bargain shopping time and if you have snacks (read bullet one) you'll save time. Most of the food in mall food courts are greasy and heavy anyways. You don't need anything weighing you down except the shopping bags. 

Be Respectful

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It's a tense time, don't make it worse by making enemies. A good way to bond with people is over food, so maybe share your snacks with others in line. Offer water to anyone who looks particularly winded or dehydrated. At the end of the day (morning?), if you didn't get the deal you wanted, remember that brunch still exists, and a refreshing mimosa is waiting for you.