It's the most wonderful time of the year again. You're so buried in exams, projects, and papers that you can barely focus on what presents you are getting for your family and friends this holiday season. Luckily for you, Black Friday is around the corner and I've got just the gifts you are looking for. 

I'm providing every stressed out foodie an all-inclusive fun list of superb deals. From slow cookers to pop-up hot dog toasters, you'll own the holiday season with these unique gifts.

Bella Dual-Brew Single-Serve Coffeemaker

beer, coffee, wine, espresso, alcohol
Taylor Wright

For college students just beginning their coffee addiction (or who are well into their addiction), here's a bargain you can't resist for only $19.99 at Target.

Bella Panini Grill

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Taylor Wright

Macy's is thinking of all the bread lovers this Black Friday. Originally $44.99, this panini grill is now on sale for $24.99

Deep Fryer 

coffee, kettle, beer
Taylor Wright

With this bad boy only $25.99 at Target, you'll be able to fry the most unlikely foods imaginable. 

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster

Taylor Wright

CALLING ALL HOT DOG LOVERS: this bomb-ass contraption can be yours for around $17 at Target. It's an easy meal solution that's quick and fun for everyone.

Cooks Personal Sports Blender

beer, coffee
Taylor Wright

For any college student who likes to blend the most bizarre, and maybe even delicious, foods together. It's only at JCPenny's for half off this Black Friday.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

soup, vegetable, pumpkin
Taylor Wright

Sears is hooking up customers who enjoy cooking, or are just learning. It's less than $10, people (can't beat that!). 

Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker

Taylor Wright

Bed Bath & Beyond has got all ice cream lovers excited over this $20 machine. Learn how to make original, fun concoctions.

The Chocolate Waterfall

Taylor Wright

Chocolate lover's dream right here, only at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Mini Pretzel Maker 

Bring Auntie Anne's into your dorm room or apartment with this appliance. You can find this sweet deal at Kohl's.

Mini Hot Donut Maker

Do I really need to justify why this would make a perfect present for any foodie?

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

coffee, tea, kettle, espresso
Taylor Wright

Too hungover to get your ass to Dunkin' to get a bacon, egg, and cheese? Target's gotchu with this breakfast sandwich maker.

Glass Popcorn Popper

tea, beer, coffee
Taylor Wright

A healthier, more fun way to eat and enjoy popcorn with your friends. It's available at Target for an amazing price. 

S'mores Maker Machine

coffee, tea, kettle, beer
Taylor Wright

No one ever said you need a campfire to roast marshmallows. This machine is exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond for a ridiculously low price.

Mugs with Ugly Sweaters

coffee, beer, tea
Taylor Wright

No holiday season is complete without some adorable mugs in ugly sweaters