Tuesdays are hard. Still having three more days of challenging classes and homework, taking a break is essential. In my opinion, the best way to do so is to go to BJ's Brewhouse for $5 pizookie night. 

The warm cookie skillets topped with creamy ice cream always cheers me up. However, having so many different flavors to choose from can be overwhelming. Ranging from simple but delicious chocolate chunk cookie skillet to strawberry shortcake with constantly changing seasonal flavors makes it hard to choose just one flavor.

Whether you are a chocolate or vanilla person, BJ's Brewhouse has a pizookie perfect for your study break. So, I decided to try six different flavors and rank them.

#6 Sugar Cookie

Although I am typically more of a chocolate person, I always love a classic sugar cookie. The texture was identical to a typical sugar cookie with the sugary gritty crunch, which I loved. However, it was far too sweet and dense for my liking. This flavor is definitely more for people who do not love chocolate. I was reminded somewhat of a sugar cookie but it lacked some of the key flavors tasted in a classic sugar cookie. Overall, I give this cookie a 6/10. 

Carolina Noguer

#5 Hot Fudge Brownie

Nothing is better than a brownie sundae. Served with a brownie skillet topped with whipped cream, ice cream, and hot fudge this was definitely a beautiful sight. This pizookie was very chocolatey and fudgy but to be honest the hot fudge was way too overwhelming. I love chocolate (probably more than most people) but compared to the rest of the pizookie, it was lacking flavor beyond the hot fudge. I gave this cookie a 6.5/10. 

#4 Chocolate Chunk

The race for the best pizookie flavor is much tougher now. I know this one is controversial, as I also love this flavor, but compared to the rest of them it's just not that exciting. If you are looking for a classic warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream this flavor is for you. I found that there are many other flavors that I love more that I suggest you order instead. I think the chocolate chunk pizookie is an 8/10. 

#3 Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake in general is delicious but have you had it as a cookie? The buttery and flaky cookie is lighter than a sugar cookie but just as tasty. With a sweet strawberry glaze and fresh strawberries on top served with vanilla ice cream, this skillet is the perfect re-creation of strawberry shortcake. I love this pizookie when I am not in the mood for something chocolaty. 8.5/10.

#2 Cookies and Cream

If you love Oreos then this flavor is for you. The chocolate cookie topped with a creamy Oreo mousse and ice cream is amazing. I typically order this pizookie when I go to BJ's. It is an amazing Oreo cookie recreation with the chocolate Oreo cookie serving as the base. Topped with a creamy mousse, similar to that of the middle cream layer in the actual Oreo cookie, the cookies and cream pizookie is a must try. 9/10.

Carolina Noguer

#1 Salted Caramel

People had been telling me for a long time to try this flavor and I am disappointed I waited so long to listen to them. I do not normally love caramel or toffee, which initially steered me away from this pizookie. I have been missing out on the perfect balance of sweet from the caramel cookie and chocolate chips and salty from the pretzel pieces in the cookie. I can not say enough about how tasty this pizookie was. 10/10.

Carolina Noguer